CBD infused cinnamon roll? New York expansion for Cannabis brand Toast Holdings

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04 Oct 2018 --- Toast Holdings, Inc., the parent company of luxury Cannabis brand Toast, is launching a new line of CBD oils: Toast CBD Oil Original and Toast CBD Oil Cold Pressed Orange. Toast CBD Oil is an all-natural, full-spectrum hemp extract oil that delivers varying potencies of CBD, which is said to help balance mood, relieve post-exercise pain and calm temporary anxiety. The range of CBD Oils will be launched through New York restaurant by Chloe and will feature in a range of treats.

Cannabis had already been tipped by nutrition and nutraceutical industry experts as an area for growth in North America, with people across different populations showing more curiosity for the ingredient as it gains increasing regulatory acceptance. Innova Market Insights data show that of the global food Click to Enlarge& beverages and supplement product launches featuring CBD in 2018 so far, the US accounts for 76 percent of launches.

“Our Toast Slice, which is a sophisticated, CBD-dominant Cannabis pre-roll, has been a great success in our Western US markets and has resulted in strong demand from consumers nationwide, especially in New York,” says Toast Holdings, Inc., CEO Punit Seth. “Launching Toast CBD Oil aligns with our vision of offering CBD-forward products that provide social and mindful experiences to consumers and we are thrilled to launch it in New York with by CHLOE.”

The Feelz by CHLOE line will include CBD sweets ranging from their popular cinnamon roll and brownie to a pink rice krispie treat, mini cakes, popcorn, granola, whoopie pies, funfetti babka, pet-friendly dog bones, a selection of specialty coffee drinks and bubble teas.

In addition to the Feelz by CHLOE. menu items, both Toast CBD Oil Original and Toast CBD Oil Cold Pressed Orange will be available as an add-on to any coffee menu item and for purchase.

In further cannabis reporting, in a recent interview with NutritionInsight, George Pontiakos, CEO of botanical supplier BI Nutraceuticals explains that he sees the cannabis market as having four areas of demarcation: “older guys who have been using the cannabis flower for ages, young people coming into the market experimenting, medical use of the flower such as for cancer treatments and the edibles, which will be the biggest market.”

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