children's nutrition

12 May 2021
--- The UK government has committed to prohibiting advertisements on foods high in fat, sugar or salt on TV before 9 p.m. and online entirely from April 2022. The junk food ad watershed is outlined in the Health and Care Bill,... Read More
11 May 2021
--- Remedy Health has raised US$11 million in Series A funding for its 3D printing technology for tailored nutrition. Founder Melissa Snover tells NutritionInsight what lies ahead for the UK-based company, including customized... Read More
07 May 2021
--- Angel Nutritech, a business unit of Angel Yeast, has launched probiotic drops and powder as an early intervention against infant allergies and for babies under 1 already suffering from allergies. Probiotic Complex Drops are... Read More
07 May 2021
--- US-based Ayo is capitalizing on the positive health associations around probiotics for its Almondmilk Yogurt offerings. The vegan alternatives contain Chr. Hansen’s Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis, or BB-12,... Read More
03 May 2021
--- Researchers have created a new strain of Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG), which can thrive and grow in milk, opening new opportunities for infant nutrition. LGG is the most studied probiotic bacterium in the world,... Read More
28 Apr 2021
--- Fortifying infant formula with Orafti Synergy1, Beneo’s oligofructose-enriched inulin derived from chicory root, can reduce the duration of infections during a child’s first year of life. The findings come as... Read More
27 Apr 2021
--- The Calorie Control Council (CCC) is spotlighting a recent study on the influence of juice labeling on consumer perceptions, the conclusions of which it finds “troubling.” The research comes as industry and... Read More
23 Apr 2021
--- Thai Union Ingredients has launched the UniQDHA tuna oil range, nutritional DHA omega 3 oils made with tuna fish heads valorized from its parent company Thai Union Group. The range comes in two forms: the UniQDHA crude oil,... Read More
19 Apr 2021
--- The debate surrounding the potential effects that some synthetic dyes can have on some children’s behavior has been reignited following US research. According to the latest report from California’s Office of... Read More
15 Apr 2021
--- Chr. Hansen is spotlighting the potential of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market in its Q2 2020/2021 results, which reveal an overall 10 percent organic sales growth in comparison to Q2 2019/2020. Notably, China’s process... Read More
15 Apr 2021
--- Arla Foods Ingredients is partnering with public and private sectors in Denmark and Ethiopia to transform papaya waste and dairy ingredients into nutritious, affordable snacks. “We’re still in the early stages,... Read More
15 Apr 2021
--- Personalized vitamin program Persona Nutrition is launching daily vitamin packs for children, teens and adults. The pre-sorted 28 daily pouches target immune health, focus, relaxation and beauty-from-within health... Read More
14 Apr 2021
--- PharmaLinea’s >Your< Iron Syrup is the first supplement clinically shown to be able to correct iron status in a pediatric population at risk of anemia. The Slovenia-based company’s private label iron syrup... Read More
14 Apr 2021
--- A combination of BioGaia’s probiotic strains Limosilactobacillus reuteri ATCC PTA 5289 and DSM 17938 may help reduce fever and sore throat pain in children with pharyngitis and tonsillitis – the most common acute... Read More
09 Apr 2021
--- The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revealed an action plan for reducing exposure to toxic elements, including lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury, from foods for babies and young children.
06 Apr 2021
--- US-based protein producer Milk Specialities Global has launched NutriPRO, a portfolio of whey protein products targeting human health in adults and infants. The products contain lactoferrin, alpha-lactalbumin and milk fat... Read More
01 Apr 2021
--- A study has found that DSM’s Formulaid – a 2:1 ratio ARA and DHA – can help reduce the risk of severe retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) in extremely premature infants.
30 Mar 2021
--- Cell culture media brand JSBiosciences (JSBio) and TurtleTree Scientific (TTS) have signed a letter of intent to collaborate in developing cost-effective cell culture media – starting with human milk. For TTS... Read More
25 Mar 2021
--- Breast milk-fed babies can benefit from supplementation with the probiotic B.infantis as it persists in the baby’s gut for up to one year and plays a valuable role in a healthy digestive system. This is according to... Read More
19 Mar 2021
--- Taking place today, this year’s World Sleep Day is shining a spotlight on the link between quality rest and the microbiome. Unilever is partnering with Microba Life Sciences to uncover the link between sleep and the... Read More