children's nutrition

20 Mar 2019
--- Nutritionals manufacturer Revive Active has launched a supplement that targets the health and wellness of young adults. Zest Active is touted as promoting natural energy, brain function, recovery from exercise, as well as... Read More
14 Mar 2019
--- Spanish biotech company Biosearch Life has launched a €2.3 million initiative, coined the Gesta Health R&D project: Towards healthier gestation and lactation through modulation of the microbiota in women. The... Read More
13 Mar 2019
--- The multi-country outbreak of Salmonella Poona that has affected 32 young children in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, has been found to have a common food source – infant formula. This is according to a new European... Read More
12 Mar 2019
--- Vitamin D may help prevent asthma symptoms in obese children living in high air pollution environments. This is according to a new study from John Hopkins University School of Medicine, published in The Journal of Allergy... Read More
05 Mar 2019
--- Children’s meals in several popular UK restaurant chains contain “astonishingly high” amounts of salt, according to a nationwide product survey endorsed by lobby group Action on Salt. The survey findings... Read More
26 Feb 2019
--- Daily supplementation of 600mg of DHA omega 3 fatty acid during pregnancy can help prevent the development of high blood pressure in obese or overweight offspring in early childhood. This is according to research from the... Read More
14 Feb 2019
--- Children who ate lunch for a period of three to five years scored 18 percent higher in reading test scores and 9 percent higher in math test scores than those with less than a year of school lunches. This is according to a... Read More
12 Feb 2019
--- For women in resource-poor settings, taking a daily nutritional supplement before conception or in early pregnancy may provide enough of a boost to improve growth of the fetus, according to a study funded by the US National... Read More
08 Feb 2019
--- German dairy cooperative DMK yesterday inaugurated a new plant in Strückhausen, Germany. Featuring cutting-edge technology, DMK reports the facility will be used solely for the production of infant nutrition, such as... Read More
06 Feb 2019
--- Jennewein Biotechnologie, which specializes in the research and manufacture of human milk oligosaccharides (HMO), and Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group (Yili Group), China’s leading dairy company, have signed a... Read More
04 Feb 2019
--- Researchers at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) have developed a new nano-encapsulation technology that optimizes the absorption of DHA. The researchers used Zein – an edible corn protein – to mimic... Read More
31 Jan 2019
--- Nestlé has acquired a novel technology that will enable it to address iron deficiency, one of the world’s most widespread nutritional deficiencies. The technology, FERRI PRO, was developed to address nutritional... Read More
23 Jan 2019
--- A diet low in free sugars – those added to foods and beverages and occurring naturally in fruit juices – resulted in significant improvements in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in adolescent boys. This... Read More
22 Jan 2019
--- Nestlé has inaugurated its first Research and Development Centre in Ireland at its existing manufacturing facility in Limerick, marking the completion of a three-year building program with a capital investment of... Read More
15 Jan 2019
--- Of the US$1.1 billion spent on advertising to black and Hispanic teens – via Spanish-language and black-targeted TV programming – over 80 percent was channeled to adverts for fast food restaurants and by food and... Read More
09 Jan 2019
--- Children exposed to television adverts that promote high-sugar cereals are more likely to eat the brands of cereals they have seen advertised, a new study has found. Researchers have previously shown that children will... Read More
07 Jan 2019
--- Arla Foods Ingredients has launched an “optimized comfort,” whey-protein based concept for infant formula. The concept contains a blend of alpha-lactalbumin and whey protein hydrolysates which aims to reduce... Read More
03 Jan 2019
--- By the age of ten, children have already exceeded the maximum recommended sugar intake for an 18-year-old, according to new evidence from Public Health England (PHE). This is based on their total sugar consumption from the... Read More
18 Dec 2018
--- Parents cite restaurants as the most common source of food sickness in kids, but just one in four check inspection reports before dining out, a report from C.S Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s... Read More
17 Dec 2018
--- School-based nutrition programs and recommendations promote healthier eating habits and result in a lower body mass index (BMI) among middle schoolers, says a recent study by the Yale School of Public Health and the Rudd... Read More