children's nutrition

25 Sep 2020
--- The nutrition industry welcomed two major distribution agreements this week. Barentz and Roquette signed a strategic partnership to bolster their position in the nutraceutical industry, while Quimdis will distribute... Read More
22 Sep 2020
--- Chr. Hansen will acquire all of the shares of Jennewein Biotechnologie in a move to break into the “emerging and exciting” human milk oligosaccharide (HMO) space. Chr. Hansen states that Jennewein’s six... Read More
22 Sep 2020
--- Biosearch Life has obtained its first organic certification for L. fermentum LC40 strain in its Hereditum portfolio. This certification allows consumers to “distinguish products of ecological origin on the... Read More
21 Sep 2020
--- The World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN’s Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have signed a collaborative framework to accelerate public health efforts that put marginalized and vulnerable populations first. The move... Read More
14 Sep 2020
--- In a bid to curb rising iron deficiency and anemia levels in Malaysian children, Danone has fortified its Dugro Growing Up Milk formula for children aged one to three with iron, essential nutrients and vitamins.
11 Sep 2020
--- FrieslandCampina Ingredients (FCI) is set to increase its lactoferrin production capacity in Veghel, Netherlands, by 600 percent, bringing annual production up to 70 metric tons. This major increase is a response to demands... Read More
10 Sep 2020
--- Moves to reduce childhood obesity in the UK have had limited success, according to the latest National Audit Office (NAO) report. The UK’s independent public spending watchdog recommends prevention over treatment to... Read More
09 Sep 2020
--- Quantum Hi-Tech Biological (QHT) is exploring formula developed specifically for Chinese babies. The Guangzhou-based company uncovered that the human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) found in Chinese breast milk differ from... Read More
07 Sep 2020
--- Pregnant mice fed a diet high in omega 6 fats but low in omega 3 fats produce offspring that exhibit excessive levels of consumption of hyper-caloric diets, according to a Hiroshima University study in Japan. The researchers... Read More
31 Aug 2020
--- Researchers have pinpointed how alarmins, a type of protein, play a role in helping breast milk strengthen children’s immunity and support intestinal flora. Dubbed the “gold” element in breast milk, the... Read More
31 Aug 2020
--- Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Aimmune Therapeutics, which is a biopharmaceutical company developing treatments for life-threatening food allergies. NHSc already has a... Read More
28 Aug 2020
--- UK organizations are calling for a “whole society” preventative approach to reduce childhood obesity. A new report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) think tank makes several policy... Read More
27 Aug 2020
--- In a move to increase transparency surrounding its breast milk substitutes (BMS) marketing practices, Nestlé is detailing its compliance with the policy and procedures set out in WHO’s International Code on the... Read More
26 Aug 2020
--- Plant-based formula producer Kate Farms has launched two new organic, plant-based products – the Kate Farms Standard 1.4 formula and Kate Farms Pediatric Peptide 1.0 formula. As with all Kate Farms formulas, these are... Read More
21 Aug 2020
--- Conagen has created a proprietary process for the scalable production of a non-GMO human milk oligosaccharide (HMO). By harnessing the technology of bioconversion while bypassing genetically modified microbes, the US-based... Read More
13 Aug 2020
--- Human-based milk fortifiers may have better health outcomes for severely underweight premature babies compared to traditional, cow’s milk-derived fortifier (CMDF). This is the latest suggestion from a US-UK study that... Read More
11 Aug 2020
--- Many allergies and food sensitivities are on the rise, with some consumers flagging difficulties digesting many dairy products, for example. As a result, industry is embracing new technology to help consumers enjoy the foods... Read More
07 Aug 2020
--- Infant nutrition is one of the most prolific industry segments, with the undeniable nutritional superiority of breast milk instigating continuous R&D. In light of World Breastfeeding Week 2020, NutritionInsight takes a... Read More
06 Aug 2020
--- Brain-focus baby snack brand Cerebelly has expanded its portfolio to 1,500 Target retailers throughout the US. Each Cerebelly baby food serving contains up to 18 targeted nutrients, supporting babies’ sight, hearing,... Read More
05 Aug 2020
--- Consumer demand for organic products is rising and responding to this FrieslandCampina is launching an “ultra-premium” organic milk formula, dubbed Organic Friso Prestige Bio. The first market to welcome the... Read More