children's nutrition

18 Nov 2019
--- Sugar reduction has become a hot topic in the food and beverage industry as growing pressure from consumers and governments alike forces manufacturers to focus on reformulation. Ahead of her talk tomorrow about key... Read More
15 Nov 2019
--- Although the numbers are in decline, nearly 61 percent of infants and 98 percent of toddlers still consume added sugars in their average daily diets – primarily in the form of flavored yogurts and fruit drinks. This is... Read More
14 Nov 2019
--- Processed foods, accounting for more than half of an average US consumer’s daily calories, are linked to lower measures of cardiovascular health, while heart-healthy nutritional habits during pregnancy can help... Read More
14 Nov 2019
--- Complementary breast cancer therapies – including garlic, ginger, gingko and turmeric supplements – are likely to cause more harm than good when used to treat skin lesions. This is according to Professor Maria... Read More
13 Nov 2019
--- Many pregnant women and babies do not have adequate intakes of omega 3 and folic acid, highlighting how further education is necessary to fill the gap between recommended and actual nutrient intake. This is according to the... Read More
12 Nov 2019
--- Agri-food organization Sustain is calling on the next UK government to plan policies that will restrict hot food takeaways near schools. The move follows a report called Hot Food Takeaways: Planning a route to healthier... Read More
08 Nov 2019
--- Allergy symptoms can range anywhere from annoying to painful to deadly. Therefore, industry is called upon to seek out the best methods to prevent allergies and treat existing ones even more effectively. NutritionInsight... Read More
06 Nov 2019
--- Administering probiotics to premature babies via breast milk may be the key to preventing severe gut infections and other intestinal problems, according to new research led by UK-based Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital... Read More
05 Nov 2019
--- Research from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a US medical research agency, has revealed that sesame allergy is becoming increasingly common among children. The NIH scientists also found that sesame antibody testing... Read More
05 Nov 2019
--- Junk-food marketing has not decreased since 2012 and just one hour of viewing children’s networks exposes them to ten junk food ads. This is according to a new report from the Center for Science in the Public Interest... Read More
04 Nov 2019
--- Following the EU’s new regulations for infant and follow-on formulae, a position paper is calling for omega 6 fatty acid arachidonic acid (AA) to be added in at least the same amount as omega 3 fatty acid... Read More
31 Oct 2019
--- Between half and two-thirds of breakfast cereals, ready meals, processed meat, processed seafood and yogurts are too unhealthy to market to children. This is according to a study from the European Commission’s Joint... Read More
28 Oct 2019
--- Non-nutritive or artificial sweeteners are a growing part of US diets, now consumed by at least one in four children. A new American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy statement is calling for the amount of these no- or... Read More
23 Oct 2019
--- New research quells the fear that oral sprays are a less effective delivery format for vitamin D than tablets. Following a partnership with BetterYou, a UK-based company behind the nation’s first vitamin D oral spray,... Read More
21 Oct 2019
--- Ugandans and Kenyans in poor urban households are willing to pay a premium for more nutritious flour, new research shows. The study, led by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), addresses huge knowledge... Read More
17 Oct 2019
--- Fruit drinks and flavored waters that contain added sugars and/or low-calorie sweeteners dominated sales of drinks intended for children in 2018. The offerings made up 62 percent of the US$2.2 billion of total... Read More
16 Oct 2019
--- Supplement developer and manufacturer Anlit has added long-life probiotic (LLP) bites to its family-oriented portfolio. The company’s LLP technology stabilizes a range of probiotic strains to preserve live bacteria in... Read More
16 Oct 2019
--- Across the globe, at least one in three children under the age of five is malnourished and not developing properly. This is according to a new report released by UNICEF entitled The State of the World’s Children 2019:... Read More
14 Oct 2019
--- Researchers have identified a compound in human breast milk that could be easily added to formula or cows’ milk to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Glycerol monolaurate (GML) fights infections by harmful... Read More
10 Oct 2019
--- Brexit could present an opportunity to review value-added tax (VAT) rates to rebalance the cost of food and drink in favor of health. This is according to Professor Dame Sally Davies’s final independent report,... Read More