children's nutrition

01 Mar 2021
--- Allergy guidelines encouraging infant peanut consumption may have reduced the risk of infant peanut allergies by up to 16 percent in Australia, according to a study by Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI),... Read More
25 Feb 2021
--- Breast milk may provide infant children with protection against toxins and pollutants, according to research that has uncovered a range of microbiome species never seen before in human milk. The study authors suggest... Read More
24 Feb 2021
--- Research from infant formula producer Abbott has revealed human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) may not only support babies’ immune health, but also their cognitive and motor skill development.
24 Feb 2021
--- Arla Foods Ingredients has launched Lacprodan Premium ALPHA-10, an alpha-lactalbumin product touted as helping infant formula manufacturers reduce production costs without compromising safety or quality. It is the... Read More
24 Feb 2021
--- Probiotic strains by IFF (formerly DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences) may help modulate the immune system in children through its anti-inflammatory effects.This is according to an ex vivo study done in collaboration between... Read More
19 Feb 2021
--- This week in nutrition news, Lallemand Health Solutions published a research review into connections between the gut microbiome and protection against viral infections. Kirin Holdings Company announced it would be expanding... Read More
18 Feb 2021
--- While infant nutrition has long been an industry mainstay, children have historically been grouped with adults. However, a shift is starting to occur as new research pinpoints the unique needs of children. NutritionInsight... Read More
10 Feb 2021
--- US-based Evolve BioSystems has landed US$55 million for the commercialization of its “next generation of probiotic.” Called Evivo, the offering is capable of addressing a widespread bacterial deficiency in the... Read More
09 Feb 2021
--- Plant-based baby, toddler and children nutrition company Else Nutrition is tapping into the burgeoning market for clean label beverages for kids with a new nutritional shake. Boasting protein, carbs, healthy fats and 20... Read More
08 Feb 2021
--- There is a “disconnect” between front-of-pack labels (FoPL) and ingredient lists of foods containing fruits and vegetables, according to a new US study. These package labels can make it difficult for parents to... Read More
08 Feb 2021
--- The US baby food industry has hit back at a report from The Committee on Oversight and Reform that says infant foods are tainted with dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals. The subcommittee, the main investigative committee... Read More
05 Feb 2021
--- Garden of Life has launched a line of six supplements for US babies, targeting aspects of health from digestion and immunity to cognition. Each offering comes with a syringe to add the supplement to various liquids and foods.
04 Feb 2021
--- Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) has teamed up with various cereal brands to launch a line of flavors for Carnation Breakfast Essentials Nutritional Drinks. A collaboration with Kellogg’s has led to Froot Loops,... Read More
04 Feb 2021
--- TurtleTree Scientific, an arm of Singapore-based biotechnology company TurtleTree Labs, is partnering with Dyadic International to develop recombinant protein growth factors. This is set to make cellular agriculture more... Read More
03 Feb 2021
--- Food fortification and reformulation can provide F&B traditionally perceived as unhealthy with a “halo polish.” Companies active in this space, including BASF, Kerry, Lubrizol Life Science (LLS) Health and... Read More
03 Feb 2021
--- Nonprofit industry bodies are calling on the new US administration to address what they say are “record levels” of nutrition insecurity, which is raising disease rates and exacerbating racial and economic... Read More
28 Jan 2021
--- With the role of the microbiome in maintaining infants’ health becoming clearer, industry is responding with a host of NPD. Experts in this space speak to NutritionInsight about how gut-friendly ingredients can have an... Read More
25 Jan 2021
--- Nine out of ten US infants may be suffering from a substantial deficiency in an important gut bacterium, which is crucial for breast milk utilization and immune system development, according to a new study.Moreover, the... Read More
21 Jan 2021
--- The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is not on track to achieve the UN’s 2030 targets of ending hunger. A new report by four specialized UN agencies outlines how nutritious food affordability is crucial to ensure food... Read More
20 Jan 2021
--- Bunge Loders Croklaan (BLC) has revealed a new lipid solution, Betapol Select, which mimics the composition of Chinese mothers’ milk fat. As each mother produces unique breast milk, this move to break down the infant... Read More