Zoganic launches new range of non-GMO functional supplement beverages


11 Oct 2017 --- Zoganic has launched an innovative range of functional supplement beverages which provide essential ingredients that can be mixed right into water. Serving as not only a tasty water enhancement, Zoganic is ideal for people who want optimal health to fit into their busy, on-the-go lives. Each flavor has been specifically formulated with all natural, Non-GMO verified ingredients to help increase Wellness, Immunity, Energy and Digestion, the company reports.

“Zoganic is targeting consumers that want to stay healthy but are not crazy about drinking pure water, have trouble swallowing vitamins and supplements or would just like an extra boost in their beverage,” a spokesperson for the company tells NutritionInsight.

Click to EnlargeZoganic’s current product range Includes:

  • Zoganic Energy – Coconut: A natural powder drink mix that is packed with energy boosting supplements for increased energy stamina. It includes B12 electrolytes acai green tea.
  • Zoganic Wellness – Berry Multivitamin: A healthy and convenient way to get your daily allowance of essential vitamins and minerals on the go. It contains a rich blend of whole food vitamins with numerous berries & fruits. Each ingredient in the blend is curated from whole-food sources providing fiber, vitamin C, B vitamins and more.
  • Zoganic Digestion – Pineapple: Formulated to aid digestion and support gut health. Pineapple and papaya provide digestive properties, ginger soothes the stomach and supports better digestion; enzymes help break down food and probiotics help support optimal microflora balance in the GI tract.
  • Zoganic Immunity – Orange: Formulated to help bolster natural immunity. Orange juice, amla and rose hips deliver a heaping portion of Vitamin C. Pomegranate extract, guava leaf extract, elderberry, annatto and Echinacea provide bioflavonoids and antioxidants which help harmonize internal systems.

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