DATE: 13 February 2023
Reglicem: a clinically validated food supplement supports the control type 2 diabetes epidemy

Reglicem is an innovative nutraceutical product developed by Biofarma Group, able to reduce IFG and IGT values in patients with prediabetes conditions. 

  • Curcuma longa is effective in reducing glycemia and hyperlipidaemia and improves insulin sensitivity
  • Berberis vulgaris promotes glucose and HbA1c lowering in patients with diabetes type II
  • Lagerstroemia speciosa exhibits hypoglycaemic, antihyperlipidemic and antioxidant activities. 
  • Inositol is effective in decreasing the level of insulin resistance
  • Chromium acts as an ‘insulin-sensitizing’ agent

This Techincal Paper is from Biofarma.