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27 Mar 2023
--- Supplementation with vitamin K2 menaquinone-7 may be more effective in improving vitamin K status than a vitamin K-rich diet for people susceptible to vitamin K deficiency, according to a new study which utilized Kappa... Read More
27 Mar 2023
--- The benefits on heart health from consuming walnuts may be explained by the nut’s effects on the gut microbiome, as it increases the production of amino acid L-homoarginine naturally in the body, according to the... Read More
21 Mar 2023
--- Being overweight or obese while pregnant and nursing might lead to the child overeating as an adult, as overnutrition causes developing brains to crave unhealthy foods, which might lead to diet-induced obesity and diabetes,... Read More
20 Mar 2023
--- Two recent studies, Spain-based and US-based, investigated the role of diets and eating patterns and the link between the gut microbiota, respectively, on developing or reducing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).... Read More
15 Mar 2023
--- The annual “Dirty Dozen” list by the US Environmental Working Group (EWG) has been investigated and found to lack scientific-backed claims of containing toxins. The list is said to be used as guidelines to... Read More
10 Mar 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, Aker Biomarine revealed that it now has the first only krill oil to receive International Krill Oil Standards (IKOS) certification. Beneo has provided over 100 small-scale farmers in Laos with... Read More
10 Mar 2023
--- Neuroimaging has revealed a positive association between adherence to the MIND and Mediterranean diets and the reduction of tau tangles and amyloid plaques in the brain – the key signatures of Alzheimer’s disease.
07 Mar 2023
--- The plant-based focused planetary health diet has significant dietary gaps in six essential micronutrients and contains large amounts of phytate – an anti-nutrient found in many plants. Researchers are now saying that... Read More
02 Mar 2023
--- Investigating how food intake among children can relate to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), researchers have discovered a significant association between highly processed, high in sugar and fat and refined... Read More
02 Mar 2023
--- Commonly used means of processing cocoa beans, such as fermentation and roasting, do not reduce the health benefits of chocolate, according to a team of researchers at Pennsylvania State University, US. This reaffirms... Read More
01 Mar 2023
--- Researchers at the Tulane University of Louisiana, US, have revealed significant differences in the environmental footprint and nutritional density of popular diets. The pescetarian diet was the most nutritious, followed by... Read More
24 Feb 2023
--- US-based Elo Life Systems, a biotech company targeting food sustainability, is tapping into gene-editing to save Cavendish bananas from a fungus that could potentially wipe out the species.
23 Feb 2023
--- Increasing the consumption of foods that come from the ocean or freshwater environments could address global challenges such as nutritional deficits, disease risk, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change resilience,... Read More
20 Feb 2023
--- Researchers in the US have found that participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – the country’s largest federally funded nutrition program – may help defend against accelerated... Read More
09 Feb 2023
--- Brightseed, a bioactives company based in California, has unveiled preclinical data showing that two bioactive compounds found in hemp hulls, N-trans caffeoyltyramine (NCT) and N-trans feruloyltyramine (NFT), have potential... Read More
08 Feb 2023
--- A study conducted by the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Pakistan is highlighting the ability of delta-tocotrienol, one of the eight molecules that constitute vitamin E, to reduce inflammation in patients suffering... Read More
07 Feb 2023
--- Nine in ten consumers view health holistically and believe it is crucial to adopt a well-balanced diet, but they have different approaches to healthy eating. That is according to new research commissioned from... Read More
03 Feb 2023
--- US-based researchers have found a high likelihood that some of the most popular baby products in supermarkets – rice cereals, infant formula, puffs and purees – contain the toxic chemicals arsenic, lead, mercury... Read More
31 Jan 2023
--- A new study reveals a significant link between a higher intake of the trace minerals copper and iron, and cognitive decline. Yet, the researchers hold that further studies must be conducted to confirm their initial findings.... Read More
31 Jan 2023
--- A sizable percentage of older US consumers have an unhealthy relationship with highly processed foods, according to a new poll. The findings revealed that much higher rates of possible addiction to processed food are seen... Read More