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Plant-based innovations trend in supplements

01 Aug 2021

Plant-based supplements have seen 26 percent average annual growth between 2016 and 2020. Sports powders are an especially popular category, but sports bars are the fastest growing. Additionally, pea, stevia, isoleucine and valine are all key ingredients to watch.

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25 Apr 2022 | Morinaga

The microbiome has the potential to be a game changer in how consumers manage their health as probiotic and prebiotic claims are gradually increasing in F&B. The majority of postbiotics are launched in the supplement category, with North America and Asia, leading the way.

25 Mar 2022 | Gencor

Supplements and sports nutrition launches with women’s health claims have seen a steep increase since 2017. Certain ingredients such as magnesium and vitamin C are particularly popular while sports powders are a fast-growing subcategory. Asia has marked the highest share of product launches, followed by... Read More

01 Mar 2022 | Innova Market Insights

Following a peak in 2019, sports nutrition launches are starting to stabilize, although Europe and the Middle East and Africa are seeing especially strong growth. Sports powders are by far the most popular format, with sports bars losing their market share. Other notable themes include plant proteins and... Read More

01 Feb 2022 | Innova Market Insights

Claims related to energy are on the rise, with supplements and sports nutrition offerings proving especially popular. Unsurprisingly, caffeine is the leading ingredient, but functional ingredients like L-theanine and Lion’s Mane mushrooms are growing quickly. Additionally, co-positionings like immunity and... Read More

01 Jan 2022 | Innova Market Insights

The number of supplement launches is still growing – although it is slowing from previous years. Trending aspects in this space include minimalist packaging and botanical or herbal ingredients, as well as vitamins. Notably, the personal care and weight loss subcategories are seeing especially fast growth,... Read More

01 Dec 2021 | Innova Market Insights

While the growth of dairy proteins in supplements and sports nutrition has been steady for the last few years, it remains a popular ingredient, especially for sports powders and within the European market. This is coupled with other trending positionings, such as free from palm oil and clean label.

01 Nov 2021 | Innova Market Insights

Mobility claims have seen steady growth over the last few years, with many products combining these with immunity and oral health positionings. Additionally, mental acuity claims will be a significant area of growth in future years. Key rising ingredients in this space include vitamins D3, C and B6, while... Read More

01 Oct 2021 | Innova Market Insights

As the umbrella of nutrition for exercise widens, key ingredients like caffeine, creatine and Lion’s Mane mushroom are proving popular in delivery formats from sports powders to beverages. There is also overlap with categories like brain health and immunity.

01 Sep 2021 | Lubrizol Life Science

Consumers are turning toward botanical and herbal ingredients, as well as various vitamins and minerals to target their bodies, brains and beauty. However, there is a shift away from many physical claims toward cognitive and mental benefits.

01 Jul 2021 | Innova Market Insights

Supplements promoting aspects of inner well-being, including digestion, mood and immunity, are on the rise. In addition to probiotics, popular ingredients include turmeric and ashwagandha. Galacto-oligosaccharides are also showing great promise in this space.

01 Jun 2021 | Innova Market Insights

While skin health claims continue to grow, many beauty-from-within offerings are also embracing other positionings like immunity, bone health and wellness. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are key ingredients in this sector, but botanicals are on the rise.

01 May 2021 | Innova Market Insights

Having experienced 50 percent average annual growth since 2017, supplements with energy and stamina claims are on the up and up. Within this, botanicals are picking up pace, as well as starring ingredients like zinc and maca extract. Additionally, F&B launches with energy ingredients that cater to specific... Read More

01 Apr 2021 | Innova Market Insights

Younger consumers are starting to engage in the healthy aging market as the role of prevention comes to the fore. Other forces shaping this sector include the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of a holistic approach.

02 Mar 2021 | Innova Market Insights

Prebiotic launches are gaining ground, especially in Europe. While the Baby & Toddlers category currently dominates, Supplements is the fastest growing. Other categories to look out for include Soft Drinks and Desserts & Ice Cream.

01 Feb 2021 | Innova Market Insights

While the number of launches in the children’s nutrition space has been relatively stable over the past five years, the segment is seeing a definite shift toward nutraceuticals. For example, NPD with vitamins and minerals for immunity is on the rise, and choline has emerged as a hot ingredient.

05 Jan 2021 | Innova Market Insights

There is global growth in the active nutrition realm, especially in the form of supplements. Unsurprisingly, energy and alertness claims are very popular, but immunity and mood health are also gaining ground. Probiotics and beer are also offering a new twist in this space.

01 Dec 2020 | Innova Market Insights

Comesceuticals are on the rise, with skin health claims being especially popular in supplements. Europe is gaining market share and looks set to catch up with Asia. Meanwhile, launches are getting more creative, taking inspiration from food companies.