Weekly Roundup: Kyowa Hakko Bio's ingredient in cognition “booster,” Nektium enters strategic botanical distribution partnership 

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27 Jul 2018 --- The weekly roundup is NutritionInsight's collection of global nutrition stories from the past week. This week, a mental boost supplement launched, formulated with Kyowa Hakko Bio's patented Cognizin Citicoline. In research news, supplementation with memophenol improved seniors memory, Lutemax 2020 proved protective against blue light damage on the eyes and omega 3 supplementation reduced disruptive behavior in kids. Nektium and Phytonent have entered into a botanical supplements distribution partnership, and Tate & Lyle hosted a seminar in London focused on increasing industry knowledge on the importance of dietary fiber.

In brief: Product launches 
Summacum has launched Summacum Konzentrations Booster, a mental cognition supplement for athletes, gamers and students, which is formulated from Cognizin Citicoline, a patented form of Citicoline manufactured by Kyowa Hakko Bio. Cognizin Citicoline acts as a catalyst to produce phosphatidylcholine (phospholipids), which are important for proper brain function. Phospholipids makeup approximately 30 percent of brain tissue, aid neural communication and provide essential protection for neurons. The effects of the supplement, reports the company, is increased oxygen delivery to the brain which may improve mental performance. The formula is also balanced with green tea extract to calm nerves in stressful situations, while counteracting the side effects from the caffeine. The Click to Enlargesupplement is delivered in small granulate forms which dissolve in the mouth, meaning no liquid is required. 

In brief: Research studies
Dietary supplementation with a polyphenols-rich extract from grape and blueberry (memophenol by Activ’Inside) has been found to improve the memory of healthy elderly subjects. Results show that subjects significantly enhanced their Verbal Free Recall Recognition Memory and that the cognitive improvements were associated with higher urinary concentration specific flavan-3-ols metabolites in the memophenol group, confirming that high bioavailabe memophenol supplementation can improve memory in seniors.

Lutemax 2020 supplementation was found to protect photoreceptors against blue light damage by mitigating oxidative and endoplasmic reticulum stress – a primary mechanism associated with photoreceptor damage and visual impairment. Lutemax 2020, manufactured by OmniActive Health Technologies, is derived from marigold flowers and provides all three macular carotenoids known for improving vision health. “This study addresses the growing public health issue of blue light exposure across all age groups and along with our prior research further demonstrates the importance of consistent and adequate intake of these important nutrients for healthy vision,” says Jayant Deshpande, CTO, OmniActive Health Technologies.

Omega 3 hit research headlines again this week as a University of Massachusetts Lowell study identified how omega 3 supplementation can reduce disruptive and abusive behavior in kids. The lead author of the study, Jill Portnoy, is on a mission to detect biological factors, rooted in the diet, that may enhance impulsive and risky behavior. The goal is to help determine effective ways to intervene before anti-social behavior has a chance to escalate into crime.

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Annette Badenhorst-Sales and Marketing Director of
Nektium and Cem Aydogan-CEO of Phytonet

In brief: Partnerships and expansions
Nektium and Phytonent, an independent distribution and consultancy company in the pharmaceuticals, supplement and food markets, have embarked on a partnership aimed at expanding the global sale of Nektiums botanical extract portfolio. The companies will initially collaborate in Turkey, several Balkan countries and the region of South East Asia. Phytonet will distribute Rhodiolife, P40pTM and Zynamite. Nektium often relies on strategic alliances for the distribution of its products, “Phytonet has a reputable network in many geographic areas of the world that Nektium has not accessed yet and it was evident that their sales approach to these markets is unique and in line with our own goals, which is why we strongly believe in this partnership,” says Annette Badenhorst, Sales & Marketing Director of Nektium.

In brief: Miscellaneous
Tate & Lyle hosted customers from across Europe at a nutrition science seminar in London, UK, where company scientists explained the role that fiber plays in a healthy diet. The seminar touched on the UK’s low fiber intake levels and detailed how manufacturers can overcome formulation challenges to take products to market. Attendees were able to sample prototypes enriched with Tate & Lyle fibers such as a blueberry smoothie with PromOat Beta Glucan and reduced sugar products such as a yogurt using Promitor Soluble Fibers and Tasteva Stevia Sweetener.

By Laxmi Haigh

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We are a science-based company located in Gran Canaria, Spain. We identify, develop, and produce high quality active botanical ingredients for the nutraceutical industry. Since 1997 our standardized extracts and novel, patented ingredients improve people's quality of life through nutrition. Our R&D team includes 5 scientists with PhD's and they are able to deliver rapid results in our state of the art laboratories that are specifically designed to develop new products, evaluate new applications, assess their safety, and ensure superior quality.

Nektium was born out of two scientists and friends’ shared passion for the phytochemistry and pharmacology of little known medicinal plants and their applications in health and wellness. Today we are still defined by our commitment to relationships, health and innovation.

Our founders, Dr. Miguel Jiménez and Dr. Zakir Ramazanov, originally made extracts of traditional medicinal plants like Rhodiola rosea and Rhaponticum carthamoides from Russia and the Caucasian regions, where Dr. Ramazanov was from. We have since expanded our product offering to a wide variety of standardized extracts and unique branded ingredients.

Zynamite® is Nektium’s latest innovation for caffeine replacement that improves physical and mental energy and focus. It is ideal for sports products and clinical studies proved that it has none of the side effects of caffeine like anxiety or jitters.

We are launching Zynamite at Vitafoods Europe 15 - 17 May, Geneva.

Join us at stand A40 to experience Zynamite for yourself and learn more about the origin of this powerful new ingredient.

We are looking forward to welcoming you there!

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