Targeting aching joints: A key theme at Vitafoods Europe 2018


21 May 2018 --- World populations are getting older and with age, the risk of bone and joint health issues – such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis – increases. Moreover, joint health concerns also affect younger consumers, such as so-called “weekend warriors,” who exercise once or twice a week, meaning that the joint health market is of interest not just to senior citizens but also to any consumers seeking to live an active life. Among the different innovative healthy aging and lifestyle solutions presented at Vitafoods Europe this year, there was a clear spot for ingredients aimed at supporting joint health.

In an earlier report on bone and joint health, industry experts told NutritionInsight that there is growing interest in clean label and natural solutions, as well as those that have preventative benefits.

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Janne Prawitt, Scientific Director, Peptan at Rousselot.

Already known to support joint and bone health, collagen peptides are expected to become an even bigger trend in 2018 and beyond. Collagen is already popular in the beauty industry for its skin benefits, and consumers are now becoming more aware of its potential for sports nutrition, healthy aging and joint health.

Rousselot’s Peptan brand has launched Peptan IIm, an all-round hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix, containing both type II collagen and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) in one single ingredient. According to the company, it is specifically designed to boost joint health and is suitable for use in pills and capsules due to its low daily dosage. 

“Peptan IIM is produced from cartilage, so it is a hydrolyzed cartilage product. It is a natural matrix product containing hydrolyzed collagen and GAGs. Those are two molecules that are present in the cartilage matrix and we extract them into one product,” Janne Prawitt, Scientific Director, Peptan at Rousselot, tells NutritionInsight at the show. 

“Our regular Peptan is a Type I collagen product made from skin sources and it only contains collagen protein. Peptan IIM is found in a natural matrix with GAGs, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid, enabling a cushioned and lubricated environment for easy joint movement,” she says.

“It is similar to Peptan [as it is] offered in a whitish powder form that is water soluble. It can also be compressed into tablets and flows very well in capsules. It can be made into gummies and the key feature is that it works at a low dosage, with us recommending of 1-3g per day. So this is a good advantage compared to standard collagen products,” she says.

Aurea Biolabs
Indian company Aurea Biolabs presented Acu Joint, a joint health product that is new to the European market.

“It is based on our innovative PNS (Polar Nonpolar Sandwich) technology, which we created for our bioavailable curcumin product. Acu Joint is based on four ingredients, including curcumin extract, beta-caryophyllene (from black pepper oil) and galangal extract,” Sreerajh Gopi, Chief Scientific Officer Aurea Biolabs, tells NutritionInsight

Galangal is an Ayurvedic herb that is traditionally utilized for joint health. “The uniqueness of this formulation is that when you consume Acu Joint, it has an immediate effect of pain relief, which is unique in the plant extract domain. It can be used in capsules, tablets and food supplements,” Gopi notes.

The company recently completed a clinical study on osteoarthritis patients where the efficacy was compared to that of glucosamine and chondroitin in competition, with results showing that Acu Joint was more effective in terms of alleviating pain and stiffness, among other aspects.

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Jaime Reguant, Bioiberica Human Health International Director.

Bioiberica presented Articolageno Caps, which combines b-2cool and Mobilee (two Bioiberica joint health branded ingredients), along with vitamins, in a single product. The company’s b-2cool is a native type II collagen-based natural ingredient that helps maintain joint health thanks to its immune-mediated mechanism of action, while Mobilee is a patented ingredient that is rich in hyaluronic acid which contributes to maintaining joint function. 

“Twenty-two percent of the population will be over 65 years of age in 2050. The trend right now in the joint health and mobility space is to take molecules from animal origin to preserve cartilage, bone health and muscle health,” Bioiberica Human Health International Director, Jaime Reguant, tells NutritionInsight.

Reguant notes that scientific backing and safety aspects are very much at the forefront of consumers' minds as well as the company’s policies. “Bioberica is a biotech pharmaceutical company, meaning that we apply the same standards as a pharmaceutical company would when creating food supplements,” he says. “We work under GMPs and all the certifications necessary for pharmaceutical products and we apply the same standards to the food supplement business.”

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Rousselot®: Reaching Further Together

Rousselot is the global leader of gelatin and collagen peptides.  We work in partnership with our customers all over the world, delivering innovative and advanced ingredient solutions manufactured through state of the art operations.  We help our customers achieve their goals, enabling them to create world class pharmaceutical, food and nutritional products to inspire and excite today’s demanding consumers.

Rousselot’s range of products includes gelatin, hydrolyzed gelatin, a as well as gelatin solutions facilitating innovation. Peptan is the world’s leading collagen peptides brand, produced and marketed by Rousselot.

World Class gelatin

Widely used in the production of food, gelatin offers manufacturers across all categories an unrivalled set of functionalities. Whatever your application – confectionery, dairy, desserts or meat – Rousselot has the proven expertise to meet your brief and exceed expectations.

Continued research, proven safety in use and exciting new concepts have boosted its profile as a natural ingredient perfectly positioned to help manufacturers tap into current market trends.  

ProTake: Enhance protein content & reformulate products

With its high protein content, ProTake is a hydrolyzed gelatin and the ideal natural ingredient to boost protein levels or to reformulate your product with less fat and/or sugar.

Synergy systems: driving forward confectionery innovation

Rousselot’s Synergy Systems enable the development of breakthrough candies. These include savory marshmallows, sweet marshmallows and heat-resistant gummies.

The range is available in three varieties – each offering a unique functionality in its specific application:

  • NeutralGel-B™: Revolutionary tastes for marshmallows and gummies at neutral pH
  • AcidoGel™ Opening a new world of sour taste for marshmallows
  • ResistaGel-P™ New opportunities in  warm climate conditions

Peptan®: Collagen Peptides for a Healthy Lifestyle

Peptan collagen peptides are bioactive ingredients for the health and beauty markets. Thanks to its proven health benefits, Peptan is the active ingredient of choice for global manufacturers looking to create exciting functional foods, drinks and supplements for a demanding target audience.

Numerous scientific studies, including in-vitro, in-vivo and clinical research, demonstrate Peptan®’s ability to promote healthy living across four important areas:

  • Healthy aging: helps the older generation stay active and mobile
  • Bone and joint health: helps to maintain healthy joints and bones for people who want to maintain mobility into their senior years
  • Skin beauty: improves moisture, helps prevent wrinkles and boosts skin collagen structure and density
  • Sports nutrition: supports muscle regeneration, helps healthy joints stay flexible, protects connective tissues and can assist in weight loss or maintenance.

Rousselot and Peptan are both brands of Darling Ingredients.

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