Nutricosmetics: Seppic launches ingredient dedicated to sensitive skin 

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18 May 2018 --- French specialty ingredients company Seppic has launched Sepibliss, a nutricosmetic active ingredient dedicated to reactive and sensitive skins. Sensitive skin is a global and growing problem due to multiple aggressions such as pollution, weather conditions, emotional stress or food habits. Sepibliss aims to handle this concern in a new innovative way, by soothing these reactions by oral route.

“We have seen that sensitive skin is becoming a bigger problem around the world, so we wanted to offer a natural solution to this type of problem,” Claire Notin, Marketing Manager Nutrition at Seppic, tells NutritionInsight at Vitafoods Europe 2018. 

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Claire Notin, Marketing Manager Nutrition at Seppic.

Once formulated in a dietary supplement, Sepibliss aims to soothe the feelings experienced by reactive and sensitive skins (such as irritations and redness) on the face and the whole body. 

“To our knowledge there is no branded ingredient targeting the symptoms of sensitive skin,” Notin says.

“Our research has looked into the phenomena that induce skin sensitivity and identified four ways skin sensitivity is induced. The ingredient has been developed to work on these four pathways.”

The ingredient has two types of protective actions against outside aggravators, Notin explains. The first is an antioxidant effect, thanks to the vitamin E and the phytosterol content of the product, while the other is aims to reinforce the physical barrier of the skin, thanks to the linoleic content.

“Next to the protective action, the ingredient has a soothing action. This means that it reduces the way the skin cell reacts to aggression,” she says.

According to the company, Sepibliss answers the current expectations of the consumer: natural solutions, traceability and local sourcing. Made without additives, Sepibliss is a 100 percent virgin coriander seed oil, extracted without solvent and manufactured locally in the South West of France. 

“There are multiple benefits to targeting sensitive skin by oral route,” Notin says. “First, one quick gesture is enough. The daily dose of Sepibliss is 200mg in just one capsule you get your daily dose.”

The second benefit of using an oral supplement over a topical cream is that it ensures a “global” effect, reaching parts of the body that a cream may not reach, such as the scalp.
 “We are proud to propose the first nutraceutical active ingredient designed specifically for sensitive skins. This launch confirms the pioneering role of Seppic in nutricosmetics, supported by our expertise in skin biology and our knowledge of the cosmetic market,” Notin concludes.  

By Lucy Gunn

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