“No safety issues” with new Aptamil milk formula, Danone says

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11 Jul 2018 --- Following parent complaints that its infant nutrition formula was causing infants to become unwell, Danone UK has reportedly said there are “no safety issues” with the new formulation of its Aptamil baby milk product. The BBC reported this week that some parents had taken to social media to complain that the new formula is causing their infants to be sick and that the new formula does not mix as easily as before.

Danone UK admitted the new product didn't dissolve as easily as the original and noted that “it could have done more to make parents aware of alterations to mixing instructions,” the BBC reports.

Danone says it is listening to parents' concerns and will provide further information and support, but it defended the new formula which it says provides additional nutrients that support the good functioning of the gut.

Danone reportedly said babies sometimes take time to adapt to new foods, which could cause temporary changes to their digestive patterns, but that the product had passed extensive clinical trials and product testing.

"We have had good mixing results when the product is mixed in line with instructions," the firm said. The new formula needs to be shaken vigorously for at least ten seconds for the powder to dissolve properly, it said.

The new formula underwent a different manufacturing process to include different nutrients, the firm said. That process reduced its solubility.

NutritionInsight has reached out to Danone for further comment.

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