Natreon supports sports nutrition platform with more patents for botanical ingredients


02 Nov 2017 --- Natreon has announced its enhancement of its Natreon One sports nutrition portfolio with an increased selection of patents for botanical ingredients. These include US, Chinese and Japanese patents for a new bioactive isolated from Sensoril – an aqueous extract of ashwagandha – which cover the recent discovery of a new class of compounds, Indolealkylamino-withasteroid conjugates.

Additionally, the company has been granted a US patent for its Ayuric ingredient whose claims support the use of Ayuric, a standardized extract of Terminalia bellirica, for the treatment of gout, uricemia and hyperuricemia.

Finally, the Canadian patent office issued a patent for Natreon’s super antioxidant ingredient, Capros, a standardized extract of Phyllanthus emblica, which covers a composition and method to treat or prevent endothelial dysfunction.

Botanical patents bridging the gap
The additional issued patents, in line with Natreon’s new sports nutrition platform that bridges the gap between botanicals and science, support Natreon’s focus on investing in product innovation and clinical studies to support the ingredients it brings to market, the company states. The company debuted its Natreon One sports nutrition platform during this year’s SupplySide West.

“Natreon is proud to lead the industry in patented, scientifically validated botanicals with optimal levels of bioactives,” says Natreon President Bruce Brown, who joined the company in early 2017. “Natreon One is bridging the gap between botanical solutions and sports nutrition. This is an important yet underserved category for our industry and the announcement of Natreon One signals our continued investment in clinical research around our sports nutrition products, as well as our commitment to developing next-generation ingredients to enhance sports performance.”

Patents back up benefits
The patent entitled “Indolealkylamino-withasteroid conjugates and method of use” is labeled US 9,084,800 (Issued July 21, 2015), China 2440900 (Issued April 22, 2017), and JP 6144688 (Issued May 19, 2017). Natreon discovered a new class of compounds, Indolealkylamino-withasteroid conjugates, in ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and these compounds showed significant acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity in vitro and showed anti-Alzheimers’ activity in an ex vivo study done at Rowan University, New Jersey, US, using a pig retina model.

Sensoril, Natreon’s standardized aqueous botanical extract of Ashwagandha roots and leaves, “helps increase resistance to fatigue and boosts energy levels, supports healthy joints and mood, helps enhance focus and mental stamina, and supports sleep and stress reduction.”

In addition, the patent for Terminalia chebula and Terminalia bellirica for inhibition of xanthine oxidase is labeled US 9,750,778 and was issued on September 5. The allowed claims include the use of an aqueous extract of Terminalia bellirica, of a defined composition of bioactives, for the treatment of gout, uricemia and hyperuricemia.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study done on Ayuric (Clinical Pharmacology: Advances and Applications 2016:8 51–59), Natreon’s Terminilia bellirica ingredient, Ayuric, was twice as effective as Termininalia chebula and 57 percent as effective as Febuxostat, a prescription product used to reduce uric acid levels in the blood. 
Patent CA 2,810,732, issued on July 18, is entitled “Compositions and method for improving endothelial function and cardiovascular health.” The primary claim is: “use of a composition to treat or prevent endothelial dysfunction in an individual, the composition comprises an extract of pulped Phyllanthus emblica and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, wherein endothelial function is improved.” This patent corresponds to US 8,962,576, issued in 2015.

Natreon markets this extract under the trade name Capros, a heart-healthy superfruit extract for endurance. Natreon asserts that it “boosts nitric oxide levels and supports healthy blood flow, significantly reduces hsCRP which leads to decreased inflammation and better recovery, and acts as a super-antioxidant to protect the body against oxidative stress.”

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