Laïta launches nutrition division: ESI Nutrition

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06 Jul 2018 --- French dairy cooperative Laïta is launching a new B2B division focused on nutrition and health coined ESI Nutrition. The nutrition division will specialize in the development, industrialization, and manufacturing of pre-packaged, high-end nutritional products and will roll out worldwide.

“ESI Nutrition is aiming at becoming an international leader in supplying quality pre-packaged solutions for all areas of the health and nutrition market, from infant to clinical and everything in between; offering a blank canvas for brands who wish to successfully launch new products under their own brand, with reduced time-to-market”, explains Mathieu Lucot, Marketing Manager at Epi Ingredients – Laïta's dry dairy ingredients division – and newly appointed marketing manager at ESI Nutrition.

“The creation of this new division is a commitment to serve our customers better, so they can, in turn, better serve the end consumer; ultimately strengthening our position in the global nutrition market,” he adds.

The new division hopes to leverage the 30+ years of expertise of Laïta in the health and nutrition sector and dairy industry.

ESI Nutrition comes equipped with a production site for UHT processing and aseptic filling, a drying tower with canning capabilities – both following a GMP Pharma approach – allowing ESI Nutrition to offer safe products with a variety of shelf-stable formats and sizes, according to the company.

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ESI Nutrition showcased its wide offering, including liquid and dry solutions,
for retail at PLMA in Amsterdam, May 29-30th 2018.

The division will provide a range of the following:

  • Cans of Stage one to Stage three infant formula (standard & premium).
  • Pre-packaged liquid milk for infant and expecting mothers, formulated to meet the specific needs of each targeted demographic.
  • Food for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP) such as pediatric drinks, gelled water for dysphagia patients, etc.
  • Baby food products such as UHT yogurt-like desserts and puddings.
  • Enriched milk powders, high protein/calorie drinks and puddings customized to the specific needs of adult nutrition (diabetic, undernourished, recovering).
  • Diet nutrition products such as high protein dairy beverages, puddings and soups.

The group plans to roll out the ESI Nutrition brand throughout 2018. “We are excited for this strategic milestone in the company’s efforts to carry out its mission of offering innovative and functional dairy-based sources of shared enjoyment and good health while sustainably promoting the milk of our farmer-owners,” concludes Lucot.

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