Immunity booster: Ingredia launches new lactoferrin ingredient


06 Apr 2018 --- Ingredia is to launch Proferrin, a native lactoferrin derived from French cow’s milk. According to the company, its expertise in cutting-edge separation techniques allows it to ensure that Proferrin features the highest purity on the market, with more than 96 percent of lactoferrin on total proteins. Proferrin aims to help people reinforce their immune system, such as children, pregnant women, athletes and the aging population.

A gentle drying process enables the preservation of the powerful bioactivity of Proferrin, the company reports. The ingredient’s health benefits are supported by several in vitro studies monitored by Ingredia’s R&D team: 
•    Anti-microbial properties - Proferrin reduces pathogenic bacterial colonies and inhibits the formation of dental plaque (first steps in caries’ formation).
•    An essential support to gut health - Proferrin helps to renew epithelial cells (growth and differentiation), an important barrier against infections. 
•    An outstanding action on the immune response - Proferrin® has an anti-inflammatory effect - it reduces the release of TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor), a pro-inflammatory marker. 

Modern lifestyles, with urbanization and global traveling, encourage diseases to spread faster and with increased frequency. These diseases and infections affect particularly vulnerable people, Ingredia notes. 

Innova Market Insights notes that consumers want products that help them take a proactive approach to health and wellness versus a reactive one – and immune health ingredients help manufacturers respond to this trend. Consumers want functional benefits in the products they’re already consuming, and immune health benefits are at the top of the list. 

There is a large market opportunity for the fortification of immune ingredients in everyday foods, beverages and supplements. According to global data, immune health is the second most desired benefit, and a lot of consumers are interested in products with immune health benefits, the market researcher notes. 

Today, there is a broader definition of immunity. Traditionally, products in the immunity boosters market were positioned as solutions for protecting the body from infections, like common colds. Immunity is now a broader concept, encompassing not only ways to fight infection from pathogens, but also to counter external challenges faced by the body, including stress and air pollution.

Proferrin also targets individuals with iron deficiency or digestive-sensitivity and can be easily used in different applications: dietary supplements, infant formula, functional foods & beverages, personal and oral care products.   

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