Fytexia eyes active lifestyle and healthy weight platforms with natural ingredients

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12 Jun 2018 --- French producer of premium natural ingredients Fytexia is highlighting the potential for weight management ingredients as part of an active lifestyle, combining citrus polyphenols, guarana and L-carnitine to support weight loss and a healthier body composition.

This year, the company launched Sinetrol Active Living which “targets weight loss help for people who practice sport, to potentiate the weight loss of the sporty subject. This helps them reach their goal sooner,” Sophie Loisel, Business Development Director at Fytexia, tells NutritionInsight. The synergies of polyphenols are said to provide benefits for health, wellness and sports nutrition categories. You can view a video interview with Loisel from Vitafoods Europe, 2018, here.

Consumers are looking for natural ingredients, if not organics. They are in search of ingredients with a validated efficacy and also a guarantee of safety. According to Loisel, this “increases the level of expectations of our customers when it comes to proof of effectiveness which is recognized by the scientific community but also reliable traceability and identification of raw materials.”

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Sophie Loisel,
Business Development Director at Fytexia

Therefore, the company’s strategy of development is heavy on science & clinical studies, Loisel explains. “Our range is very narrow, but deep when it comes to the science supporting our synergies of polyphenols. We have two ranges, one targeting health and wellness and the other addressing the needs of people practicing sports. Each of our eight ingredients is supported with strong scientific dossiers and clinical data, ensuring a good understanding of the mechanism of action but also a guaranteed efficacy and safety, even if used over an extended period of time,” she explains. 

Sinetrol, Fytexia’s best-selling ingredient, claims to be answering the needs of people in search of a natural solution for weight management. “We now have three clinical studies on about 200 subjects, demonstrating that it helps not only to lose fat mass but also to naturally gain muscle mass, for more toned and healthier body composition. Weight loss is a not only about the figures on the screen of the scale but is part of an overall strategy to keep the body and mind feeling good.”

“The strength of Sinetrol is that its mechanism of action goes beyond trends, relying on a well-known and basic biological mechanism; Sinetrol naturally helps to boost the metabolic pathway of lipolysis, the way we burn fat to provide our body with energy for its normal functioning. Some people are lucky with a very efficient metabolism of the lipids, when others may need some help to control their fat mass. We have demonstrated that Sinetrol is very efficient when associated with normal food habits and can then be associated with diet plans if people when to accelerate their weight loss.” 

According to Loisel, Sinetrol is the efficient boost to achieve body goals as it provides linear benefits. The ideal program is three months for a gradual and efficient weight loss. “We proved in our latest clinical study (publication pending) that one month after subjects stop taking Sinetrol, they keep on losing fat mass; their metabolism has been reset to a new balance with a higher muscle mass which consumes extra energy to sustain itself. The weight loss with Sinetrol is efficient and the way it is changing your body composition help you maintaining this healthier you,” she states.

“We proved in our latest clinical study (publication pending) that one month after subjects stop taking Sinetrol, they keep on losing fat mass; their metabolism has been reset to a new balance with a higher muscle mass which consumes extra energy to sustain itself.”

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“The weight loss with Sinetrol is efficient and the way it is changing your body composition help you maintaining this healthier you,” she states.

“None of the subjects involved in our three clinical studies run by independent research centers reported side effects. Sinetrol has been available on the marketplace for over ten years, without any side effect reported from consumers. This is due to its natural composition, relying mostly on citrus extracts. Nothing you can’t find in nature,” Loisel stresses. 

“It is time for the industry to gather and define how we want to build this category together in the future,” she concludes. 

By Elizabeth Green

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