Benexia eyes EU Novel Food approval on two proprietary chia seed extracts


23 Oct 2018 --- The Chilean company Functional Products SA, with its brand Benexia Advanced Seed Nutrition, is awaiting two EU Novel Food approvals on its proprietary extract from chia seed: Chia Protein and Chia Fiber. The company tells NutritionInsight that they shall have the approval in the first semester of 2019.

Benexia Xia Powder-125 LM – Chia Protein – is a multifunctional high protein chia extract that concentrates chia protein in a micro-milled format. It is a vegetal protein that is easily dispersible with good quality, low in saturated fat and with no cholesterol. It also has the advantage of containing all essential amino acids and a high digestibility.

The second product, Benexia Xia Powder-435 LM – Chia Fiber – is a multifunctional fiber concentrate, extracted from the chia seed that has a total dietary fiber content of up to 56 percent, as well as 25 percent high biological value plant-protein and four percent omega 3.

These products will be commercialized in the UK, starting promotion this fall and sales during the first semester of 2019.

Whole grains are versatile and by this point, chia has been included in a range of health products, potentially gathering itself a loyal band of followers. Such products include snacks such as energy balls and bars and cooking ingredients such as flour. You can view a selection of ten ancient grain products on NutritionInsight here. 

Benexia has previously launched a Seeds of Wellness line, which spans from chia flours to oil and pasta, and touts a range of health benefits, from high omega 3, protein and fiber levels, to clean label and gluten-free status, according to the company.  

The company also collaborated with Taiyo to offer a premium chia oil, Xia Oil, to market which remains stable for up to two years. Using a novel process, Xia Pure Ox Blocker technology, the taste and smell of the oil stays fresh and its nutraceutical properties remain intact.

The patented technique provides improved oxidative stability and a longer shelf-life for the high quality, 100 percent natural seed oil. Benexia is responsible for the entire supply chain of the oil in Chile, thus ensuring its quality from cultivation to harvesting and processing.

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