NPD in action: Boosting brain and energy

Mar 2020

With consumers on the hunt for performance-based products that help them reach their mental peak, nootropics open doors for improved mental capacity and overall brain performance. Product launches with nootropics are growing fast, reflected by an average annual growth of 70 percent in nootropic product launches (Global, CAGR 2015-2019).


Prime Self Prime Mind Dietary Supplement: 60 Capsules (South Africa). Prime mind supplement is an all-natural, universal nootropic and cognitive enhancing formulation that supports optimized cognition, memory and clarity. Prime mind 2.0, new, improved and optimized product. Now with pine bark extract and Bioperine. Optimized dosages and two capsule serving. Improved overall quality. Prime mind contains a synergistic blend of natural nootropics, neuroenhancers and brain minerals to provide and fuel the mind with all necessary components to operate at maximum capacity. Each ingredient in the formulation has been carefully and strategically selected to provide the most effective, safe, nootropic supplement. Perfect for daily use by anyone who requires prime cognitive functioning. GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified product.