Weekly Digest: Hamburgers linked to allergic disease, BASF lifts force majeure on key animal nutrition vitamins

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06 Jul 2018 --- In nutrition news this week, hamburgers were noted as the type of fast food most associated with allergic disease, a study cast doubt on the idea that cocoa can aid post-exercise muscle recovery, and a Canadian study highlighted the need for teenagers to receive more extensive levels of food-safety education. BASF has lifted force majeure for key vitamin A and E products for its animal nutrition business and, lastly, Algaia has moved its headquarters from Paris to Lannilis, Brittany, both in France.

In brief: Research studies
The consumption of fast food has been linked to an increased likelihood of having asthma or other allergic conditions, such as pollen fever, eczema and rhino-conjunctivitis, in a review published in Respirology. Regarding the type of fast food consumed, hamburger intake was the item most prominently associated with allergic disease in a dose-dependent manner. The authors note that additional studies are needed to confirm the relationships seen in the analyses and to identify potential causal associations between the consumption of fast food and allergic diseases.

New research casts doubt on the “myth” that consuming dark chocolate can help people with muscle damage recovery from a tough workout, due to the high level of antioxidants in cocoa. The University of Huddersfield, UK, research asked female participantsClick to Enlarge to exercise vigorously and then either ingest an assigned cocoa flavanol beverage or a placebo. Participants then reported two days later on how sore they perceived themselves to be. The data concluded that the cocoa flavanols did not have a significant effect on perceived muscle soreness in women post-exercise.

A University of Waterloo, Canada, study has concluded that the majority of teenagers require broader food safety education amid findings of low levels of awareness around food-handling precautions. The study measured 32 different food-handling behaviors among Ontario high school students. It was found that less than 50 percent of the recommended practices were followed, including basic hygiene and cross-contamination prevention. The researchers noted that after following a food-handling program, the teenagers’ skills improved, yet unsafe food practices still occurred. The study concludes that food safety education is important, but that food-safety values need to be reinforced in other areas, such as home life and society, for the behaviors to stick.

In brief: Ingredient launch and certifications
has lifted the force majeure declared on the production of key vitamin A and E products for its animal nutrition business. These include Lutavit A 1000, Lutavit A 500, Vitamin A Palmitate 1.6 Mio I.U./g, Lutavit E 50, Lutavit E 50 S and Vitamin E Acetate 94 percent. Following an incident at BASF’s citral plant in Ludwigshafen, Germany, last year, the company was forced to declare force majeure for its citral and isoprenol-based aroma ingredients, its vitamin A and E products and several carotenoids. The company hopes to continue with the production of its vitamins for the human nutrition business later this year, as well as for its citral and isoprenol-based aroma ingredients.

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Citral plant at BASF's site in Ludwigshafen

In brief: Expansions and partnerships
French biomarine company Algaia has transferred its head office from Paris to Lannilis, Brittany, both in France. The new headquarters will benefit from being only 20 kilometers from the second largest brown seaweed field in Europe, the company explains. Therefore, fresh seaweed will be available for the company to harvest for the agrifood, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries. The move follows news earlier this year of a €4 million equity grant from the company’s main shareholder. This was used to install a new specialty seaweed extract production in its Lannilis plant. “Our objective is clearly to unfold the whole potential of the brown seaweeds from the Mer d'Iroise, with the help of all the players in the seaweed sector, and to develop tomorrow's natural and eco-friendly solutions for manufacturers,” says Fabrice Bohin, Algaia CEO. 

By Laxmi Haigh

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