Non-GMO certification for all-natural caffeine: InnovaTea

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11 Jun 2018 – Nutriscience Innovations, supplier of nutritional ingredients and functional raw materials, has received confirmation of non-GMO Project Verification (NGPV) for its InnovaTea Natural Caffeine (98 percent from tea), from the non-GMO project.

“With this new NGPV certification for InnovaTea, we feel that the growing segment of specialty food and beverages and functional food brands will have a clear winning ingredient to consider adding to new formulations looking to have a ‘clean label’ or those looking to get non-GMO Verified status,” says Ryan Pallathra, Director of Business Development at NutriScience Innovations.

This Non-GMO Project Verification validates InnovaTea’s quality and its compliance with rigorous best practices for GMO avoidance, including segregation and traceability to prevent contamination. This announcement builds on news from last year when NutriScience improved the purity of InnovaTea taking it from 95 percent natural caffeine from tea to 98 percent.

With the growing consumer demand for high quality non-GMO functional ingredients, the company state that InnovaTea is now further positioned to be a distinctive and versatile ingredient that can be used as an extremely high purity natural caffeine ingredient and as an excellent natural alternative to synthetic caffeine (caffeine anhydrous). 

InnovaTea joins the NutriScience portfolio of other ingredients with NGPV status already, including Suntheanine patented L-Theanine, Sunfiber dietary (prebiotic) fiber from Guar (FDA approved fiber), NutriScience’s organic compliant L-Malic Acid, Organic Matcha, and Standardized Green Tea Extract. 

NutriScience will be next exhibiting at the 2018 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Expo in Chicago.

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