Demand for Advanced Lipids’ infant formula solution soars as tenth anniversary marked


04 Dec 2017 --- Demand for infant formula containing Infat SN-2 palmitate – an ingredient that mimics the fatty acid profile in human milk – has soared over the past decade and will continue to grow, according to Advanced Lipids. The company, a joint venture between Enzymotec and AAK, is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

Infat was clinically proven in several studies done both in Israel and China to increase fat and calcium absorption, improve bone matrix quality, improve stool consistency and have a positive effect on the development of the intestinal microbiome, Advanced Lipids reports.

Infat was also shown recently to improve babies’ well-being and the quality of life of their parents by reducing crying time and increasing sleep duration, according to the company. NutritionInsight recently reported on a study in the journal Nutrients that linked Infat to healthy bone growth in infants. (link =

Demand for infant formula rises globally
Advanced Lipids notes that at the end of 2007, when Advanced Lipids was founded, five infant formula brands incorporated Infat. Today, that figure has risen to over 150.

The global market for infant formula has almost tripled since 2006 and currently has a retail value of over US$40 billion, with China accounting for a large percentage of its retail value. Consumers in China place a premium on quality and have high awareness of the benefits of SN-2 palmitate, according to Advanced Lipids.

“In 2007 Enzymotec and AAK made the decision to join forces,” says Ronald van der Knaap, CEO of Advanced Lipids. “As a company that is looking into improving infant nutrition, we saw a great opportunity in this game-changing ingredient that supports formula manufacturers to replicate the benefits of mother’s milk as closely as possible.”

“Over the past decade we’ve been part of huge growth in the infant formula market and witnessed soaring demand for high-end products containing SN-2 palmitate,” Van der Knaap adds.

Advanced Lipids believes regulatory and demographic changes in China will lead to further growth for the formula market, particularly for premium products containing SN-2 palmitate. The recent relaxation of the country’s decades-old single child policy means that it has become a two-child policy, which the company says has sparked a “mini baby boom.” Meanwhile, the company also notes that new market regulations have put greater emphasis on quality.

“Demand for infant formula in China has soared, and the signs we get from the market indicate that growth will continue,” adds Dr. Marcus Gliwitzki, Chairman of Advanced Lipids. “However, companies are now facing a tougher market where consumers and authorities both demand high standards.”

“Over the next ten years, the focus will be on high-quality formula which contains ingredients such as Infat. Advanced Lipids will also put a strong focus on developing innovative Infat solutions in the coming years,” Dr. Gliwitzki concludes.

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