Promoting healthy blood pressure

Sep 2017

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a significant factor in general cardiovascular health. Therefore, claims to control or reduce blood pressure are popping up on a variety of products. It is widely accepted that sodium intake is linked to hypertension; naturally then, low sodium claims are one of the most common platforms in regards to blood pressure. Organic and natural claims also strongly coincide with blood pressure related ones. General supplements are the most common product tracked that make such claims, but a variety of other food and beverage launches promote blood pressure benefits, particularly tea blends. Most products cite the “super” power of the ingredients included, ranging from orange to omega-rich oils to special salt itself.

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  • Sure Buy Moringa, Lemongrass, Stevia Herbal Tea. Moringa (malunggay) is one of the world’s nutritious plants. A natural source of energy booster loaded with vitamins and amino acids. Its potent antioxidant properties react with free radicals to help reduce signs of aging. Moreover, moringa helps lower blood pressure and helps in a good sleep.


High time for hemp

Sep 2017

The ancient grain hemp has been applied in various industrial products, including paper, clothing and of course food & beverages. The usage of industrial hemp is safe and legal because it contains much lower content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than that of marijuana. With a comprehensive development in the food & beverages industry, hemp and its ingredients (such as hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp protein) show potential in an extensive range of applications. As one of the plants rich in nutrients, it provides consumers with naturally gluten free and high source of protein & fiber options. The most active categories for hemp are cereals, sports nutrition and snacks, showing rapid growth over the past five years.

Ancient grains find new applications

Aug 2017

Ancient grains' versatility and unique taste/texture allow them to have a place in a variety of applications. On-the-go snacking, especially for the breakfast occasion, is a popular application for ancient grain inclusions. Quinoa and chia have moved into the mainstream, and it is likely that other ancient grains, such as millet and spelt, will follow this trend. Ancient grains are a good option for consumers looking for wheat-alternatives that are naturally gluten free. A high source of protein/fiber is another factor driving popularity among consumers and is claimed on the majority of product launches.