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Nutrition Insight08 May 2017

Key Interview: Fortified Foods Are the Way Forward for Senior and Alternative Diets

08 May 2017 --- With consumers increasingly exploring different dietary changes to benefit their health, there is a growing window of opportunity for companies to develop fortified foods to fit a ... Read More

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Innova Analysis25 April 2017

Key Interview: How the FODMAP Trend Could Affect the Dietary Fiber Market

25 Apr 2017 --- The low FODMAP trend is making ripples in the nutrition industry, with Nestle recently launching its low FODMAP snack drink, “ProNourish” designed to help people with ... Read More

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Innova Analysis03 April 2017

Key Interview: Innovation with Probiotics for Chr. Hansen

03 Apr 17 --- This week, NutritionInsight caught up with Christian Barker, the Executive Vice President of Health & Nutrition at Chr. Hansen. As the world’s ... Read More

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Innova Analysis28 March 2017

Key Interview: Innovating with Plants & Bridging the Gap Between Plant and Synthetic Molecules

28 Mar 2017 --- The trend towards more natural, cleaner label products is nothing new, yet the innovation side of the trend continues to surprise and delight the industry. Kemin are certainly ... Read More

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Innova Analysis27 February 2017

Key Interview: Chicory Root Fiber’s Role in The Sugar Reduction Revolution

27 Feb 2017 --- Chicory root fiber has been enjoying some attention within the nutrition industry over recent months. A general buzz around inulin’s nutritional benefits, combined with the ... Read More