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Amino Acids, Bakery Mixes and Other Bakery Products, Cultures and Fermentation Starters, Dairy Products - Natural and Imitation, Enzymes and Enzyme Systems, Fibers, Flavors and Aromas

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Angel Human Health

Supported by strong background in biotechnology and unique techniques in the yeast market, Angel Yeast started Angel Human Health in 1992, a business unit bringing you ingredients derived from yeast and focused on human nutrition and health. To serve the specific needs of professionals in human health care such as dietary supplements, functional foods, cosmetics, Angel Human Health develops a range of unique products. Yeast and its derivatives offer a formidable potential in the nutrition and health field. Many yeast components are essential to balance the body’s principal functions (growth, cell metabolism, immune system, antioxidation and more).

We believe scientific innovation in YEAST will help:

  • human be healthier.
  • food be more nutritious.
  • environment be protected.
  • the world achieve a higher quality of life.

Product Information

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Angel nutritional yeast is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. It contains a high concentration of vitamin B complex. These vitamins are known to help avoid nervous disorders, depression, stress and anxiety. Besides, it contains additional functional and beneficial components such as beta-1, 3-glucan, trehalose, mannan. It is worth mentioning that nutritional yeast can also enrich a variety of beneficial mineral elements, such as zinc, chromium, selenium and so on. Studies have shown that these components have potential health benefits such as improvement of immune response, reduction of cholesterol, and anti-cancer properties. Nowadays, we can offer you various health food ingredients like nutritional yeast powder/flake, high purity yeast protein (AnproTM)yeast beta glucanSaccharomyces Boulardiiselenium-enriched yeast and so on. We are expected to be one of your best cooperative partner.

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