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New protein bar NPD routes

06 Jul 2018

Arla - Boundaries are blurring as sports nutrition continues to move mainstream, pushing a growing interest in proteins and convenient formats. In this space, protein bars are seeing impressive NPD.

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01 May 2020 | Innova Market Insights

New launches featuring a heart health claim have stabilized in recent years, although the active categories have seen a major shift. Sports Nutrition has leapt from having heart health claims on 3 percent of launches in 2015, to a whopping 19 percent in 2019. This makes it the leading market category,... Read More

01 Apr 2020 | Innova Marketing Insights

Launches featuring collagen are on the rise, which has seen average annual growth of 27 percent since 2015. Supplements continue to be the top market category, with a whopping 35 percent of 2019 launches featuring collagen. Sports Nutrition is also on the rise, while Meat, Fish & Eggs has seen a drop.... Read More

03 Mar 2020 | Innova Market Insights

Digestive health claims continue to drive innovation, with Australasia leading the way with 6.9 percent of food and beverage launches featuring a digestive health claim in 2019. Since 2015, supplements have also overtaken dairy as the market category with the highest proportion of digestive health claims on... Read More

06 Feb 2020 | Innova Market Insights

Food and beverage launches with a clean label claim are on the rise, as a focus on organic and understandable ingredients takes over. Australasia in particular is leading in new clean label product launches, seeing growth of 45 percent.

15 Jan 2020 | Innova Market Insights

The sports nutrition category continues to move into the mainstream with strong growth occurring in food and beverages featuring a sports & recovery claim. Other fast growing markets for this claim include soft drinks and dairy. Additionally, sports & recovery products often also feature protein and energy... Read More

05 Dec 2019 | Innova Market Insights

The low-alcohol space has continued to bloom around the world, although Asia had the highest share in 2018. Although beer is leading, wine is rapidly gaining ground, representing 21 percent of tracked launches in 2018. Additionally, more low-alcohol beverages are featuring an indulgent and premium claim.  

24 Oct 2019 | Lonza

Clean label remains king in the supplement space, as consumers who are wary of ingredient traceability and safety are drawn to shorter label lists. Concerns from consumers and lobby groups alike have led to a proliferation of supplements being manufactured without titanium dioxide. In Western Europe, there... Read More

15 Oct 2019 | Innova Market Insights

Gut health continues to be a category demanding ample attention. Although probiotic ingredients are trending globally, the data show that they are particularly increasing in Asia and North America. Unsurprisingly, almost all probiotic supplements feature a digestive/gut health claim, but we also see a rise... Read More

01 Oct 2019 | Innova Market Insights

The energizing aspect of food is increasingly important to consumers as they seek foods that not only nourish but also deliver functional benefits – such as increased concentration. While coffee remains the go-to energy source, other ingredients are gaining a foothold. These include matcha, B vitamins and... Read More

01 Sep 2019 | Innova Market Insights

Food and beverage launches featuring skin claims are growing in the West. This follows in the footsteps of Asia, where they have long been commonplace. Although Soft Drinks is the leading category for such claims, the Sports Nutrition category is also growing fast. Top ingredients to watch out for are... Read More

18 Jul 2019 | Carbery

Protein is enjoying vast innovation in sports, as well as medical nutrition. A key ingredient in this space is whey protein, which has seen an average of 39 percent average annual growth between 2014 and 2018. Application possibilities are wide, ranging from power bars to infant formula. The ingredient is... Read More

04 Jul 2019 | Innova Market Insights

The keto diet is based on the premise of the body entering ketosis. The body reaches a ketogenic state when carbohydrate intake is so low that the body shifts to producing ketones to help fuel organs. The growing popularity of this diet has bolstered a string of keto-centric launches, with NPD in the sports... Read More

25 Jun 2019 | Innova Market Insights

Infant nutrition is hugely important in the first 1,000 days of life. Within the space, baby formula/milk remains the top subcategory, but snacks are on the rise. Meanwhile, Latin America leads in regional infant nutrition launch numbers.

17 May 2019 | Innova Market Insights

FODMAPs (Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols) are short-chain carbohydrates found in many fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy foods and sweeteners. In some cases, these are poorly absorbed, attracting excess water and fermentable bacteria that cause the symptoms of... Read More

18 Apr 2019 | Innova Market Insights

Brain health is a growing category for product launches, and within this space, certain botanicals are gaining recognition for their ability to provide a mental boost. Baby & toddlers remains the leading market category for brain health claims.

18 Mar 2019 | Lonza

The aging consumer has growing expectations of bone and joint health solutions, thanks to the mainstreaming of sports nutrition and a growing focus on active aging. According to Innova Market Insights data, food and beverage launches with a bone and joint health positioning have seen a CAGR of 17 percent... Read More

14 Feb 2019 | Innova Market Insights

Dairy protein application in the food and beverages has seen a CAGR of 4 percent (Global , 2014 - 2018 ). The fastest growing market category featuring dairy proteins is sports nutrition, with 1 in 4  launches in this category containing dairy proteins.