Puris to showcase gelatin and pectin-free “gummies” following completion of second spray dryer

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12 Oct 2018 --- Minneapolis-based Puris has completed its second spray dryer, enabling the company to continue its efforts in the commercialization of novel protein ingredients. With the expansion, the company is seeking to double its business for customers in the area of pea protein, starches and pulses. At SupplySideWest 2018 (SSW), the company will be showcasing pectin-free gummies made with pea starch, as well as Puris Fava Bean Protein.

“At Puris, we see consumers wanting to eat more plants in a range of applications. Many consumers are increasing their intake of plant-based meats,” Puris President Tyler Lorenzen tells NutritionInsight.

“Puris is the only US end-to-end producer of organic, non-GMO, pea protein. We spend countless hours developing the cleanest tasting seeds, ingredients and finished foods that debunk the myth of ‘healthy tasting’ plant-based nutrition,” comments Lorenzen. 

“With the completion of our capacity increase of plant proteins produced in our Wisconsin production facility, not only can we can handle the scale and growth of the rapidly growing plant-based protein CPG industry but also we felt it was time to introduce the newest member of our best in class tasting proteins: Puris Fava Protein,” he adds.  

Puris Fava Bean Protein will be available in 2019 and can be used in a variety of food applications from dry beverage blends and bars to snacks and plant-based meats. 

“Not only did we achieve a massive expansion in capacity, our proprietary process also produces a very pure, ultra-white pea starch with unique qualities when compared with corn, tapioca and potato starches.” 
“We are able to create amazing gummies without needing gelatin or as much pectin. And because it’s unlike corn starch, we are able to let the true flavor of the gummies shine,” says  Puris CMO Jon Getzinger. “Our pea starch continues to amaze us as it shows the ability to replace much more expensive (and less label-friendly) gums in everything from ready-to-drink beverages to confections.”

By using Puris Pea Starch, brands can reportedly replace unwanted and less-sustainable starches from the label such as corn starch and offshore imported tapioca starch, and reduce the usage of expensive gums to create clear label products. 

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