“New gold standard”: Salmon with double the omega 3 content introduced in US


13 Feb 2018 --- Aquaculture producers Kvarøy and Blue Circle Foods, along with feed company BioMar, have announced the production of salmon that offers a 100 percent increase in marine omega 3 content. According to the companies involved, this farmed salmon contains one of the lowest levels of marine contaminants in the market and boasts a record-breaking fish-in, fish-out ratio of .47 to 1, setting a new “gold standard” for the aquaculture industry.

The improvement of the salmon is attributed to the companies’ In the Blue feed, which utilizes sustainably optimized ingredients such as microalgae, as well as marine ingredients derived from trimmings of wild-caught fish processed for human consumption. 

By increasing the amount of trimmings and microalgae in the feed, BioMar has improved In the Blue's sustainability performance and omega 3 content while reducing reliance on wild fish stocks.

In the Blue's fish oil undergoes a cleaning process to remove environmental contaminants including PCBs and dioxins. The feed does not include GMO's, added hormones, antibiotics and synthetic pigments, and its sustainability performance has enabled Kvarøy to become a net provider of protein.

“We're thrilled that our innovations in aquaculture have resulted in a more nutritious, clean and sustainable salmon,” says Bill Cole, President of Blue Circle Foods. “Our mission is always to make responsibly produced seafood more accessible to consumers, and In the Blue feed has helped transform that goal into reality. Our salmon is currently available for purchase in both our Blue Circle Foods and Changing Seas branded smoked salmon.”

In the Blue was launched in 2016 as a joint project between Blue Circle Foods, Kvarøy, BioMar and Whole Foods Market to drive sustainability by conserving marine resources and reducing environmental contaminants in farmed salmon. The feed earned Blue Circle Foods’ farmed salmon a “Good Alternative” rating from Monterey Bay's Seafood Watch, and meets Whole Food Market's Responsibly Farmed Standards.

“The feed innovation of Blue Circle Foods, Kvarøy and Biomar is nothing short of revolutionary for salmon aquaculture,” says Carrie Brownstein, global seafood coordinator for Whole Foods Market. “Utilizing processing trimmings and cleaning the oil not only keeps more wild fish in the ocean, but greatly reduces environmental contaminants in the salmon. We're proud to partner with Blue Circle Foods by offering their innovative and sustainable products nationally in our Whole Foods Market stores.”

Blue Circle Foods' farmed Atlantic salmon is sold fresh and frozen in the seafood counter at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. The company's smoked salmon is also sold at Whole Foods Market under the Changing Seas brand, and is available on Amazon and at select retailers under the Blue Circle Foods brand.

With aquaculture accounting for more than 50 percent of global seafood consumption, the need to produce better fish more responsibly and efficiently while preserving our oceans and wild fish populations is at an all-time high, the companies note. 

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