Naturex targets oral care market with microbiota-balancing natural active

Naturex targets oral care market with microbiota-balancing natural active

22 Feb 2018 --- Naturex has launched Bucovia, a natural bio-guided fractionated active aimed at effectively supporting mouth health. Current oral healthcare solutions include biocides (antiseptic or antibiotic), synthetic ingredients that wipe out both good and bad mouth bacteria and increase the virulence of Candida. Naturex’s new solution is composed of active compounds from Solidago virgaurea, a European plant containing saponins that are effective in controlling the growth of mixed fungal-bacterial biofilms. Bucovia regulates Candida albicans genes involved in biofilm formation and inhibits its bacterial partners. 

Growing awareness about dental hygiene and the rising prevalence of dental diseases are expected to boost the oral care market in the coming years. In line with personal care industry trends, consumers are increasingly seeking out natural options for their oral care needs, the company states. Having a healthy mouth requires the right balance of endogenous bacteria and fungi, including Candida albicans. If this balance is upset, endogenous microbiota can undergo uncontrolled overgrowth and colonization by opportunistic pathogens, responsible for gum disease and other infections. 

Yohan Rolland, Global Category Manager for Naturex, tells NutritionInsight that consumers and patients are increasingly looking for natural oral health solutions. 

“Dental hygiene products such as mouthwashes are effective, but they generally contain biocides that disrupt the delicate balance of the oral flora. The use of agents such as chlorhexidine or triclosan is now closely monitored, because of their potential negative effects on the environment. It’s now necessary to provide consumers with natural, non-biocidal alternatives that are environmentally-friendly,” Rolland tells NutritionInsight.

In a double-blind clinical study, Bucovia reduced the microbial load in supragingival and subgingival dental plaque. According to the study’s findings, Candida albicans load was reduced by 98 percent and total bacterial load was reduced by 29 percent. 

There was a decrease of several bacteria associated with dental caries, gingivitis, adult periodontitis, localized aggressive periodontitis and halitosis. Subjects participating in the study also experienced a longer clean feeling in the mouth.

Bucovia is part of the company’s oral care range which also includes Sapnov, a gentle foaming agent with calming benefits, Enoxolone, a pure pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory from licorice, and Steviosides, a natural, non-cariogenic, low-calorie sweetener from stevia.

To create this new natural solution, Naturex teamed up with University Professor Isabelle Prêcheur, a dental surgery-specialized hospital practitioner. Professor Prêcheur has spent over eight years researching the effect of Solidago saponins on Candida albicans. Her knowledge has been combined with Naturex’s extensive botanical expertise to develop a bio-guided natural active that preserves the mouth’s microbial flora.

“Daily use of synthetic solutions can disturb the mouth’s natural balance, create antibiotic resistance and also have a harmful effect on the environment. The market is in great need of a natural, earth-friendly solution. Naturex, as the global leader in plant-based natural ingredients, is in a perfect position to anticipate this market trend,” says Rolland.

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