Expanding potential: Advanced Protein Technology launches hormone-free bone broth and collagen products

Expanding potential: Advanced Protein Technology launches hormone-free bone broth and collagen products

03 Sep 2018 --- Looking to expand in the health & wellness industry, Michigan-based Advanced Protein Technology has launched a new line of collagen-based products – Nutra Collagen. The company is seeing tremendous potential for targeted solutions using collagen as well as products aimed at rehabilitation and injury recovery. The new line includes a variety of collagen and bone broth based products. The products contain no preservatives; and the collagen peptides used in each product are non-GMO, all natural and hormone free. 

Already known to support joint and bone health, collagen is expected to become an even more significant trend in 2018 and beyond. Collagen is already widespread in the beauty industry for its skin benefits, and consumers are now becoming more aware of its potential for sports nutrition, healthy aging, bone and joint health.

“For decades upon decades collagen has been popular in the ‘beauty and cosmetic’ industry. Although I do not believe that collagen's popularity in this industry has peaked – I do believe that there is no room for immense growth there. There is potential in the fitness and CrossFit industry – however, due to the rise in popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets in this industry, I do not believe that there is immense growth to be seen there as well,” Advanced Protein Technology's Marketing Director, Fuad Hasanovic, tells NutritionInsight.

Click to Enlarge“The industry where we see the biggest growth potential for collagen is the rehabilitation and injury recovery industry. There are some promising studies and clinical trials out there that show collagen's natural ability to speed up the rehab and injury recovery process,” he says.

“With health care costs going up (especially in the US), we are seeing a large portion of the population take a proactive approach in managing their health. This is one of the main causes of the rise in popularity of all health and dietary supplements,” he says. “Collagen has many health benefits, depending on the individual. We believe that everyone over the age of 25 (usually when our body's natural production of collagen begins to slow down) should introduce collagen to their daily life.”

Advanced Protein Technology’s current goal is to set itself apart from other players in the collagen industry by providing a complete customer experience surrounding the product that considers the customer's living and eating habits, Hasanovic notes.

“One project we are working on currently is manipulating the amino acid count and number of amino acids in the collagen used. I cannot go into further detail as the project is just beginning. However, if it is successful, we will have products that will not only work faster – but also work better. If successful, we are hoping to be able to launch these new products sometime in Q1 of 2019,” he says.

The company is also aiming to expand its offering with a line of “Specialty Collagen Maximizers,” products specially formulated to specific customer needs. 

“If you are a customer that is only concerned about hair, skin, and nails – there will be a product for you. Same goes for customers looking for pain and injury recovery products, fitness, keto diet,” Hasanovic says. “Shortly after the launch of these products, we will be offering a diet and supplement recommendation guideline to go along with each product. We want to help our customers reach their health goals and will provide all the essentials for them to do so.”

By Lucy Gunn

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