Clean label: Laboratoire PYC goes for transparency in supplements

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10 Oct 2018 --- To meet the growing consumer demand for transparency in the products that they consume, Laboratoire PYC (part of the Solina group) has developed its own “clean label” range. This approach is aimed at providing products with a refined composition while using ingredients of natural origin.

French-headquartered PYC has developed a range of “clean label” with the aim of transparency of the ingredients used in the manufacturing process, the natural origin of these and efficiency that consumers find in these products.

In order to guarantee optimal efficiency and safety, PYC carries out a selection of premium raw materials and develops their product range based on nutritional and health claims. The latter includes dietary supplements, protein products or superfoods.

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The clean label PYC range of products consists
of those of French, European and more exotic in origin.

The clean label PYC range of products consists of those of French origin (spirulina), products from Europe (inulin and seed mixes) as well as products that are more exotic in origin (matcha tea, acai berry etc.).

“This wide selection of ingredients allows our customers to adapt to all markets and offer customized products with natural raw materials thanks to the expertise of Laboratoire PYC,” says Aurelie De Schuyteneer, Marketing Manager and Clean Label Project Manager.

PYC develops, manufactures and packages the products, respecting the specifications of its customers whose distribution channels can be varied: brands sold in pharmacies, website, specialty shops and through medical prescriptions.

In addition, PYC is certified ISO 22000, which covers all stages of the manufacturing process and ensures the food security of the entire chain. 

The products can also be developed according to gluten-free specifications, complying with European regulations both in the control of raw materials, the process and the control of finished products. PYC works to reduce the number of allergens present in its products.

Laboratoire PYC notes that the moves come with a background where consumers are increasingly attentive to the origin as well as the manufacturing process of what they consume.

As a result, many companies around the world are opting for transparency in terms of the manufacture of their products. This relates to information on the raw materials used, presentation of the manufacturing processes or communication of the various transformations made on the product before marketing.

This background has led to the rise of the “clean label” concept, which typically refers to a clear, clean and understandable declaration of foodstuffs (simple and comprehensible labeling), the removal of artificial ingredients for the manufacture of foodstuffs (additives, dyes, flavor enhancers, preservatives) and other substances with “bad press.”

Clean label is also an approach that aims to provide guarantees to the consumer on the environmental impact that could have the manufacturing processes, product durability, the ethics of the company, as well as supply in raw materials and working force.

With no internationally regulated certification, each company has set up its own “clean label” approach, including PYC.

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