Digestive Health

Baobab resurgence? Things are looking up for the “upside down” tree

14 Aug 2018 --- The baobab superfruit has been enjoying an NPD resurgence, boosted by renewed interest in the digestive health and low GI space, as well its strong potential for use in the sports nutrition market. The superfood – which is touted as offering low GI appeal, a high dietary fiber content and for being rich in vitamin C – has seen annual growth of 53 percent, according to Innova Market Insights data. Speaking to NutritionInsight, Henry Johnson, baobab specialist at EcoProducts, details the growing array of applications for the superfood, as well as the economic ripening of the environment for market growth for baobab.

Microbe colonization study could inspire better probiotics, claim researchers

13 Aug 2018 --- A novel approach to identify the genes that may be important to help microbes live successfully in the human gut has been identified by a study published in PLOS Computational Biology. The approach utilizes a technique called phylogenetic linear modeling, which has often been used in ecology, but rarely in genomics. The researchers hope that the findings could be important for the development of new therapies to maintain or improve gut health, such as the design of better probiotics.

GOS holds dietary fiber potential: FrieslandCampina eyes new applications

13 Aug 2018 --- FrieslandCampina is targeting the dietary fiber opportunity for its Galacto-Oligosaccharides (GOS). The move comes in response to the recent FDA green light on specific dietary fibers which presents new market opportunities and application areas. “There is a lot of interest in clean, green and label-friendly ingredients and fiber is one that they are looking for, but in good tasting applications. This really means a lot more flexibility for formulators to offer something that has both prebiotic and fiber benefits,” Sarah Staley of FrieslandCampina tells NutritionInsight on the topic of GOS as a trending prebiotic fiber.

Prebiotic, aloe-infused water targets electronic music festival marketing boost

09 Aug 2018 ---Detoxwater, the prebiotic, aloe-infused water brand has announced its partnership as the exclusive enhanced bottled water for the 10th Annual Electric Zoo electronic music festival to be held in Randall’s Island Park this upcoming Labor Day in New York. 

Crickets can be good for the gut, claims new clinical trial

06 Aug 2018 --- Consuming crickets can help support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and eating crickets is not only safe at high doses but may also reduce inflammation in the body, according to new research. "There is a lot of interest right now in edible insects," says lead author Valerie Stull. "It's gaining traction in Europe and in the U.S. as a sustainable, environmentally friendly protein source compared to traditional livestock."

Gas sensing pill found to beat breath test diagnosis of gut disorders

03 Aug 2018 --- Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, have created a swallowable sensor which is said to be 3,000 times more accurate than current technology used to diagnose many gut disorders. New trials of the device have shown that the gas-sensing capsule could surpass breath testing as the benchmark for diagnosing gut disorders, paving the way to solving previously undiagnosed conditions.

Australia’s Manildra Group launches low FODMAP flour

03 Aug 2018 --- Australian flour miller Manildra Group has launched a low FODMAP flour range, touted as being “the world’s first.” Tested by government-registered Australian certifier FODMAP Friendly with DTS laboratories, Lo-Fo Pantry Plain Flour has been approved for millions of Australians who suffer IBS-like abdominal symptoms but get no relief from a gluten-free diet. 

EFSA approves novel food status for AIDP's corncob XOS prebiotic

01 Aug 2018 --- Functional ingredients manufacturer AIDP has gained novel food status for its non-GMO, corncob XOS prebiotic, which is manufactured by LongLive, and sold in North America under the trademark PreticX, following approval from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). This new designation allows PreticX to be used in Europe and benefits AIDP’s customers who have international brands. PreticX had previously achieved FDA Generally Recognized as Safe status.

Sabinsa probiotic found to reverse depression in IBS patients

31 Jul 2018 --- Adults with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) show improvement from co-existing depression when taking the probiotic strain Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856, Sabinsa’s LactoSpore, versus subjects given a placebo, according to a clinical study published in the journal Food & Nutrition Research. These findings hint at the possibility that LactoSpore may be a new treatment option for major depressive disorder in IBS patients and open new avenues for the probiotic’s use in gut and psychological conditions.

IFT 2018: Kerry on taking its immunity ingredients to the global market

25 Jul 2018 --- At this year’s annual IFT Food Expo (July 15-18) in Chicago, Kerry showcased its branded functional ingredients, GanedenBC30 and Wellmune. NutritionInsight spoke with Donald Cox, R&D Director at Kerry's Functional Ingredients and Actives business, about the future geographical expansion of the ingredients, facilitated through Kerry’s acquisition of Ganeden last year.

Why high-fiber diets don't always lead to weight loss: Study shows it depends on gut bacteria

23 Jul 2018 --- The increasingly popular fiber-rich “New Nordic Diet” might not work for everyone as its success depends on the particular combination of bacteria in the intestines of the dieter, according to a study in the International Journal of Obesity. In the era of personalized nutrition, the involved researchers note that there might be value in getting your stool tested and your gut bacteria counted before starting on a new diet. The results can be used to predict whether a particular diet will work for you. 

SunCran Naturelle's bacterial anti-adhesion benefits highlighted in study

23 Jul 2018 --- A recent Rutgers University study has found that Taiyo's SunCran Naturelle, which contains standardized soluble cranberry proanthocyanidins (PACs), limits the ability of pathogenic bacteria to adhere to the urinary tract, thereby supporting urinary tract health while improving gut health.

Should the lack of safety data in microbiome research ring alarm bells?

19 Jul 2018 --- A recent review notes that only two percent of trials in the widening research space around probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics publish full safety data, highlighting the need for more comprehensive adverse risk reporting. Due to this, researchers warn that they cannot broadly conclude that these interventions are safe. However, industry players have refuted the “allegations” that the ingredients should be seen as “unsafe” due to the lack of safety data published.

Chicory root fibers found to provide digestive health and natural defense benefits to children

12 Jul 2018 --- Consuming chicory root fibers can bring important health benefits to kindergarten children aged three to six years, according to research by Professor Tamás Decsi and Szminoetta Lohner at the Department of Pediatrics, University of Pécs, Hungary. Previous studies have demonstrated a strengthening of the natural defense system in infants and children between birth and two years of age. However, this is the first time this evidence has been established for this age group.

First-time finding: Risk of BPA on intestinal health found amid rising bowel disease cases

11 Jul 2018 --- Dietary exposure to BPA – found in polycarbonate plastics often used in making containers to store food and beverages – can worsen the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), a study published in Experimental Biology and Medicine has found. IBD can be further exacerbated by the hormone estrogen, and BPA is a known synthetic estrogen.

Study: How “good bacteria” promote gut health by warding off inflammation

09 Jul 2018 --- It is well known that “good bacteria” work with our immune system to keep us healthy and new research, published in Immunity, has identified mechanisms that can help explain why. Researchers found a cellular mechanism by which good bacteria can help the gut stay healthy and protect it from inflammatory bowel diseases. When microbiota, or good bacteria, interact with both the epithelial cells lining the gut and cells of the immune system to ward off disease, the immune responses can be balanced, thereby protecting it from unwanted inflammation.

Microbiome strategy: ADM to acquire Probiotics International in US$243m deal

02 Jul 2018 --- Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) expands its reach in the probiotic market with the US$243 million (£185 million) acquisition of UK-based manufacturer Probiotics International Ltd (PIL).

Cranberry protein powder enhances probiotic effect of Sabinsa strain, study finds

26 Jun 2018 --- Research published in the International Journal of Food Science & Technology confirms a symbiotic relationship between Fruit d’Or cranberry protein powder and Sabinsa’s LactoSpore; a room temperature stable probiotic strain of B. coagulans MTCC 5856. This ingredient combination, known as Lacto Cran, also inhibited the growth of pathogenic E. coli bacteria, a common cause of urinary tract infections. 

“Postbiotics” & smart toilet paper: Future platforms in digestive health?

22 Jun 2018 --- “Postbiotics” – the metabolic byproducts produced by our gut bacteria – and even smart toilet paper are some of the ideas within digestive health put forward following novel research at King's College London into the function of gut bacteria. Linked to a range of health-related conditions, the gut microbiome has been a topic of growing interest. However, although there is an established list of gut bacteria, their function in the gut has remained reasonably unknown. The researchers have set out to create a database of fecal metabolites – compounds produced by the gut microbiome – in an attempt to shed light on the relationship between what we eat, the way it is processed by our gut microbes and how we accumulate abdominal fat. 

Probiotic expansion: General Mills leads investment in GoodBelly parent

21 Jun 2018 --- General Mills' venture arm, 301 Inc., is leading a US$12 million round in funding in NextFoods the parent company of GoodBelly Probiotics. Additional capital is coming from existing investors, including Emil Capital Partners. NextFoods was founded in 2007 by Todd Beckman and Steve Demos, who founded WhiteWave Foods, the owner of Silk plant-based milk.