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    The Launch of a New Alternative Protein Innovation

    17 May 2017
    Kerry launched ProDiem at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva, a complementary combination of plant proteins including pea, rice and oat to improve the protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS). The product is claimed to deliver a solution with a complete essential amino acid profile. In creating ProDiem, Kerry says it has successfully pushed past the limitations of traditional plant based proteins, providing a plant based protein that is optimized for nutrition, texture and taste. ProDiem is a great option for soy-free, non-dairy and vegan protein and is available to boost the nutritional content of beverages, bar and snack applications.

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Kerry is responding to consumer demand for real ingredients with better, more authentic and nutritious taste experiences. With 40 years’ experience and 24,000 staff on six continents, Kerry has a renewed focus on Taste & Nutrition where the science of taste merges with the science of nutrition. They combine a deep understanding of taste with an in-depth knowledge of people, culture, life stage and daily nutritional needs. By partnering with Kerry, customers are taken on a journey to make food, beverage and pharma products that people enjoy and feel better about. Kerry calls this Leading to Better.

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Health & Nutrition News  12 September 2018

Kerry targets growth in Asia Pacific as demand for functional ingredients and protein increases  

12 Sep 2018 --- Kerry has this year for the first time exhibited at Vitafoods Asia, which concludes today in Singapore, signaling an increased focus on Asia Pacific. According to the taste and nutrition company, this comes in response to growing demand for functional foods and beverages in the region, with ingredients targeting immunity, digestive health and protein intake especially likely to resonate with Asian consumers.

Health & Nutrition News  25 July 2018

IFT 2018: Kerry on taking its immunity ingredients to the global market

25 Jul 2018 --- At this year’s annual IFT Food Expo (July 15-18) in Chicago, Kerry showcased its branded functional ingredients, GanedenBC30 and Wellmune. NutritionInsight spoke with Donald Cox, R&D Director at Kerry's Functional Ingredients and Actives business, about the future geographical expansion of the ingredients, facilitated through Kerry’s acquisition of Ganeden last year.

Health & Nutrition News  02 July 2018

Immunity ingredients space: From Ayurvedic roots to ocean garden

02 Jul 2018 --- The immunity ingredient space is reaching beyond classical vitamins, such as vitamin C, for immune health, with manufacturers highlighting a range of ingredients for their immune boosting properties. From Ayurvedic roots, botanicals, ocean garden's seaweed and yeast beta glucans, the market continues to diversify and expand to keep a growing market engaged. As John Quilter, Vice President and General Manager, GanedenBC & Wellmune, tells NutritionInsight, “Research shows that improving immune function is a leading health concern among consumers globally, with 87 percent expressing an interest in buying food and beverage products that deliver this benefit.”

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25 June 2018

Plant-based potential and challenges

At Vitafoods Europe, Kerry presented its ProDiem 7304 plant protein which offers a clear solution for adding plant protein to low pH beverages. NutritionInsight spoke with Albert McQuaid, Kerry Chief Innovation Officer, about the opportunities and challenges for plant-based proteins.

31 August 2016

The Growing Potential for Wellmune Applications

Wellmune is a 100% natural food, beverage, and supplement ingredient clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system, making it easier for consumers to be well and stay well. This proprietary yeast beta 1,3/1,6 glucan has regulatory approval in major markets around the world, including GRAS status in the US and novel food approval in Europe and China. Now part of the Kerry portfolio, Don Cox discusses potential applications of the ingredient.

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29 June 2018

Better beverages: The future is nutrition

Nutrition science is making itself heard in the beverage category. Protein coffees, probiotic juices and turmeric teas are common sightings as the demand for convenient, functional foods increases with consumers. This leaves many of us asking the questions like: “What is the future of nutrition for beverages?” and “How can products continue to be differentiated?” In this webinar, learn about up and coming nutrition ingredients and how sensory science can be used to influence food intake across age groups.

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01 March 2018

Sugar Reduction: Formulating for Success

Sugar ranks at the top of the list when it comes to consumer nutrition concerns. Sugar reduction poses a challenge across all product categories. The responsibility and cost of helping consumers reduce their sugar intake is being pushed onto the food and beverage industry by legislation like sugar taxes. Hear from nutrition and applications experts on how to succeed with sugar reduction. Find out what makes healthier products likeable while fitting into labelling and tax legislation across the world.

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10 November 2017

Clean Label: More Than Ingredients

This industry webinar looks to the future of healthy eating and the impact on the food industry. See why cleaner labels may just be part of a solution for an expanded consumer definition of health, and why nutrition, social and environmental responsibility will be key to successfully meet long-term consumer needs for healthy food.

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