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    Gut health improvement using ancient wheat – GoodMills Innovation

    08 December 2017
    GoodMills Innovation has introduced various products and concepts with a firm focus on health. The company’s healthy range includes ancient grain 2ab Wheat, light-colored whole grain flours and functional flours, which they exhibited this year at FiE. With the ancient grain variety 2ab, GoodMills Innovation has introduced a new product that the company says offers bakers a real alternative to conventional bread wheat. Bakery products made from 2ab flour are said to be particularly well tolerated, along with being convincing in taste and texture. NutrtionInsight spoke with Malte Schottmayer.  

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Health & Nutrition News  01 December 2017

GoodMills Innovation targets health and functionality with new concept range

01 Dec 2017 --- Milling company GoodMills Innovation has introduced various products and concepts with a firm focus on health. The company’s healthy range includes ancient grain 2ab Wheat, light-colored whole grain flours and functional flours.

Health & Nutrition News  03 November 2017

Wholesome: Large-scale study underpins the health benefits of whole grains

03 Nov 2017 --- Exchanging refined grain products – such as white bread and pasta – with whole grain varieties causes overweight adults to eat less, lose weight, leading to a decrease in the amount of inflammation in their bodies. These are some of the findings of Danish study headed by the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark. The study supports the scientific basis for the dietary recommendations of many countries to choose whole grains.

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16 November 2018

Using Peruvian superfoods in health and development innovation

Peruvian food trends were strong at this year’s SIAL tradeshow in Paris. Culinary trend and menu experts also point to Peru as a country to watch, often coined as the “land of the superfoods,” following the growth of other South American cuisines globally. Bio Omegas presented their range of Sacha Inchi oils, capsules and chia concepts, “which are native to South America and high in protein and high in omega 3, 6 and 9,” Ana Johnson tells NutritionInsight. Aji Amarillo is one of the most frequently used chilies in Peru and the company also presented their dips and sauces made using ingredients native to Peru. 

14 November 2018

Functional and nutritional dairy protein ingredients

Protein is hot on the market right now, with more and more products with a high protein claim being launched, according to Antonio Sánchez, at FrieslandCampina DMV. As consumers become more health conscious and products intended for sports people become increasingly mainstream, proteins, which are DMV’s core business, will further grow as the division's main area for innovation. Speaking to NutritionInsight at SIAL, Sánchez discussed the company’s portfolio of functional and nutritional dairy protein ingredients. “Protein enrichment and fortified foods are significant categories that have been growing for some time and continue to do so. It is a concept and a trend that we cannot ignore,” he says. 

19 September 2018

Emerging trends in Asian nutraceuticals

Two of the key themes at Vitafoods Asia 2018 proved to be focused on personalization and beauty-from within. “It’s great to see so many people looking for true science-based innovation, where it is about properly researched products. A lot of people are here to find out about consumer trends and apply that functional science into everyday products. For example, at our Tasting Bar we noted a chocolate brownie that offers functional benefits together with the taste and consistency that has really gone down well. It is important to work around the science without sacrificing on taste, so that products don’t interfere with how people interact with their food,” says Colin Williams of Informa.

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08 November 2018

Health and Wellness Webinar: How to Convey Overall Goodness

Fifty percent of the US, Chinese and German consumers say they read the ingredients/nutritional label often or always (Innova Market Insights, Consumer Survey 2018). Mindful consumers are continuing to catalyze changes in the way that companies produce, package and label their products. Fruit and botanical extracts from herbs, spices, and many more are being applied as they have a strong natural appeal and attract to the today’s conscious consumer. Health ingredients such as fibers and protein are on-trend and development in sourcing, format and health positioning will drive new product innovations.

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02 October 2018

Beyond traditional lifestyle nutrition: Moving with the times

Industry developers are targeting on the go beverage solutions, with items that incorporate between 10 and 20 grams of protein proving especially popular, a poll has identified. Diderik Moerdijk, Marketing Performance Nutrition at FrieslandCampina DMV explores the high protein beverage market segment, tipping clear protein drinks, in this webinar entitled Beyond traditional lifestyle nutrition: Moving with the times.

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03 May 2018

Top Ten Trends 2018: The Dairy Implications

Innova Market Insights’ Director of Innovation, Lu Ann Williams takes you inside dairy innovation today and discusses how the 2018 top ten trends will impact tomorrow’s dairy cabinet. Join us for 20 minutes of category defining dairy insights that you cannot afford to miss.

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