immune health

17 May 2019
--- An “unnatural and particularly comprehensive” nutrient supply in the human gut is responsible for the decoupling of bacteria from their host organism, thus upsetting the delicate balance of the microbiome and... Read More
14 May 2019
--- Microbiome startup Vedanta Biosciences – developers of a new category of therapies for immune-mediated diseases using live human microbiome-derived bacteria – has raised an additional US$18.5 million in its third... Read More
08 May 2019
--- Recent studies conducted by health, nutrition and sustainable living company DSM, surveying in total 25,000 respondents, found that low energy concerns have overtaken weight management for consumers seeking optimal health... Read More
24 Apr 2019
--- Curcumin, the yellow powder derivative of the turmeric plant (Curcuma longa) that is widely used as a food colorant and flavoring, may also have therapeutic properties in helping prevent and combat stomach cancer. This is... Read More
18 Apr 2019
--- Oral immunotherapy (OIT) is a safe method for treating peanut allergies in children as young as nine-months to five-years of age, according to a new study led by scientists and pediatric allergists at the University of... Read More
17 Apr 2019
--- Former professional basketball player Stipe Rezic has in mind a plan to fully assimilate the mind and body-enhancing potential of fungi into everyday routine, with his original brand of mushroom-infused coffee –... Read More
16 Apr 2019
--- An all-natural, vegan nutraceutical formula targeting male sexual health has been developed by the DolCas-Tenshi Bioceuticals joint venture, marketed under the brand Fortiquin. The five-ingredient, patent-pending blend of... Read More
04 Feb 2019
--- Incidence rates are increasing for 6 out of 12 obesity-related cancers among US young adults, with steeper increases seen in younger ages and successively younger generations. This is according to a study published in The... Read More
25 Sep 2018
--- With the onset of cooler weather in the Northern hemisphere, immune health is once again becoming an area of growing concern. Driven by increasing consumer awareness, the immunity ingredients space is starting to reach... Read More
12 Jul 2018
--- Consuming chicory root fibers can bring important health benefits to kindergarten children aged three to six years, according to research by Professor Tamás Decsi and Szminoetta Lohner at the Department of Pediatrics,... Read More
02 Jul 2018
--- The immunity ingredient space is reaching beyond classical vitamins, such as vitamin C, for immune health, with manufacturers highlighting a range of ingredients for their immune boosting properties. From Ayurvedic roots,... Read More
21 Jun 2018
--- Not only do citric acid and spicy 6-gingerol from ginger add special flavors to food and beverages; both substances also stimulate the molecular defenses in human saliva, researchers from the Technical University of Munich... Read More
11 Jun 2018
--- Medical interventions and overall improved standards of living are causing us to live longer than previous generations. However, since the aging process is accompanied by a host of physiological changes, extra attention... Read More
04 Jun 2018
--- Algatechnologies (Algatech) has launched Fucovital, a patented, “all natural,” three percent fucoxanthin oleoresin produced and extracted from microalgae. Fucovital also touts being the first fucoxanthin product... Read More
01 Jun 2018
--- Scientists from NIZO, in close collaboration with Wageningen University & Research and FrieslandCampina Research & Development, have developed and validated a new test to measure if a specialty food or supplement has... Read More
11 May 2018
--- Over the past years, the mainstreaming of organic launches has only continued, with Innova Market Insights reporting 20 percent CAGR in organic claims being reported in global food & beverage launches from 2013 to 2017.... Read More
07 May 2018
--- Echishield, an all-natural Echinacea ingredient produced by Frutarom Health, enhances immune function by restoring stress-induced changes to levels similar to those in healthy controls, a study has found. The ingredient is... Read More
18 Apr 2018
--- Chr. Hansen's probiotic strain, Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LGG), can potentially play a part in peanut allergy treatment, according to new data. Prota Therapeutics, developer of oral immunotherapies to treat food... Read More
06 Apr 2018
--- Ingredia is to launch Proferrin, a native lactoferrin derived from French cow’s milk. According to the company, its expertise in cutting-edge separation techniques allows it to ensure that Proferrin features the... Read More
12 Feb 2018
--- Immune health continues to drive trends in the nutrition industry. Today, in the second part of a special report, NutritionInsight continues its in-depth look at the latest ideas in the industry in the immune health space.