Protein drink innovation: FrieslandCampina DMV launches “ultra-clean” whey protein isolate

Protein drink innovation: FrieslandCampina DMV launches “ultra-clean” whey protein isolate

08 Oct 2018 --- FrieslandCampina Ingredients DMV has launched an “ultra-clean” whey protein isolate. The company touts Nutri Whey Isolate as representing an exciting new proposition: a pure, clean-tasting, nutritionally balanced protein that can deliver unprecedented clarity in protein water and clear drinks applications. This is the first time that FrieslandCampina Ingredients DMV has offered a whey protein isolate. The drivers behind its move into this ingredient space are proprietary R&D advancements that have yielded a minimally-processed, high-performance isolate, coupled with a desire to meet the latest market needs for high protein products.

“We know dairy proteins inside out so have had the expertise to produce whey protein isolates. However, our R&D is driven by a desire to push boundaries and we wouldn’t have been happy with bringing a ‘me too’ product to market,” says Diderik Moerdijk, Marketing Segment Manager at FrieslandCampina Ingredients DMV Performance Nutrition division. “With the ability to perform in clear beverages at high concentrations and its minimal processing credentials, Nutri Whey Isolate offers clear advantages versus currently available products. The opportunities abound for adding value to our customers’ product development.” 

“The market conditions are ripe for the introduction of Nutri Whey Isolate. Growth prospects for the performance and health nutrition sector are huge, and one of the trends shaping this space is ‘mainstreaming,’ as an increasingly large cross-section of the population seeks out products that support their active and healthy lifestyle aspirations,” he says. “These consumers want products that are natural, nutrient-rich and efficacious, but also have high demands around taste and convenience. With its low carb, pure protein, neutral taste, clean and label-friendly credentials, Nutri Whey Isolate is ideally placed to meet this demand.”

During a webinar, entitled Beyond traditional lifestyle nutrition: Moving with the times, Moerdijk last week introduced the high protein beverage market segment, tipping clear protein drinks as an area likely to see significant growth.

High protein drinks or waters are among the product concepts that resonate with this growing mainstream consumer base since they offer a healthy ready-to-go option. From a product development perspective, formulators face difficulties achieving clarity at anything other than very low pH levels and an acceptable taste profile. The proprietary Nutri Whey Isolate production process yields an exceptionally clean protein that maintains clarity even at higher pH levels – stretching the potential application spectrum for isolates into unchartered territory.

FrieslandCampina reports it applies minimal heat load, protecting the nutritional integrity and sensory quality of the isolate.

Raw material selection and quality also play a crucial role in determining the taste profile of finished product – some cheese cultures can result in a whey with high salt levels, acidic notes and undesired color agent residues. The Nutri Whey Isolate originates from high-quality Gouda cheese whey and this produces a neutral tasting isolate that is low in salt and contains no undesired coloring agents, or artificial ingredients such as sweeteners or additives.

Nutri Whey Isolate will be produced in a newly constructed facility in Borculo, The Netherlands. Deploying the latest micro-filtration techniques, the process yields isolates that are also clean enough for potential application in medical and senior nutrition products. Cold brew coffee, ice cream, dairy desserts and ketogenic products are among the other concepts suitable for Nutri Whey Isolates.


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