NPD in action: Sports nutrition

Mar 2021

Personalized nutrition is ever-expanding as consumers look for food and beverages that fit their unique lifestyles. This also applies to athletes and gym-lovers seeking to tailor their diets to individual goals beyond high performance and recovery. Sports nutrition now also promotes weight management, skin, cognitive, digestive and immune support.


Uniblend Protein Powder Dietary Supplement with Cocoa Flavor (US). Harnessing the power of arabinogalactans from the western larch tree, bromelain, and alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), Uniblend is formulated to support your immune system, aid in post-workout recovery and boost your energy levels. Unflavored Uniblend is perfect to mix with your favorite beneficials to whip up the perfect protein-packed snack or post-workout recovery meal. Dr. Peter D'Adamo created Uniblend protein powder to combine the power of personalized nutrition with a formula that blends seamlessly, tastes amazing, and is right for all types — a healthy protein powder for any blood type and an easy choice for the entire family. Non-GMO. Gluten-free. No sugar or sweeteners. Contains 15 g protein. Blood type diet approved. No artificial ingredients.