NPD in action: Healthy aging

Jul 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has created newfound consumer interest in the importance of healthy aging and maintaining a healthy lifestyle across all stages of life. Sports nutrition products and supplements with claims related to healthy aging often present heart, immune, brain-mood, skin and eye health boosting properties. Top ingredients include magnesium, resveratrol and vitamin C (Global, 2020).


Reserveage Nutrition Resveratrol Dietary Supplement (US). Resveratrol dietary supplement with 250 mg of active trans resveratrol anti-aging formula that supports a healthy heart, cellular health and longevity. Comes in 60 veggie capsules in a plastic bottle, held in a carton box. Supports a healthy heart, cellular health and longevity. Helps fight free radicals and excessive oxidation in the body due to aging, lifestyle and the environment. Powerful antioxidants present in red wine. Its anti-aging compounds support optimal wellness and ensure vibrancy. Provides antioxidant benefits that are equivalent to consuming red wine. Suitable for vegans. Clinically studied ingredients.