NPD in action: Beauty-from-within

Jun 2020

As part of “Eat Pretty” – one of Innova Market Insights’ Top Ten Trends for 2020 – beauty-from-within has been given a whole new meaning as the food and beverage market sees a growing number of launches that border on the cosmeceutical. Products carrying health claims related to skin, hair and cell protection are on the rise, with trends such as clean beauty and naturality in ingredients driving innovation in this space.


PlantFusion Collagen Beauty Dietary Supplement Watermelon Flavor (US). PlantFusion Complete Plant Peptides Collagen Beauty with watermelon flavor is a plant-based collagen builder that goes beyond ordinary animal collagen supplements with a series of patented and/or trademarked ingredients shown to boost natural collagen building from within. Collagen Beauty vegan collagen supplement can be incorporated into any anti-aging beauty routine for the best collagen benefits not only build new collagen, but protect existing collagen and promote healthy skin and joints. Comes in a 180 g plastic jar. 100 percent plant based. Non-GMO. Zero sugar, gluten-free. Suitable for vegan. Certified collagen. Completely clean and free from major allergens, artificial flavors and colors. 10 g total serving. Easy preparation. 30 calories per serving.