NPD in action: Infant Nutrition

May 2021

Infant nutrition continues to rise, with an average annual growth of +15 percent in baby & toddler product launches (Global, CAGR 2018-2020). Current and future trends happening in infant nutrition include products with digestive health claims, front-of-pack vitamin, mineral and protein claims, gluten-free claims, organically sourced ingredients and products containing human milk oligosaccharides as the hero ingredient.


Nutricia Karicare Gold Plus Stage 4 A2 Protein Milk Junior Drink for Toddlers from 2 Years Onwards (New Zealand). Stage 4 junior powdered milk drink with A2 protein, for toddlers from 2 years onwards. Comes in a 900 g metal tin. Premium formula made with A2 protein milk, sourced from hand-picked New Zealand farms. Contains lutein, omega 3 DHA and prebiotics. Added with 16 vitamins and minerals for growth and development in toddlers, such as vitamin A, vitamin B12 and vitamin D to support normal immune system function, iron and zinc to support normal cognitive function, as well as calcium that is necessary for normal teeth and bone structure. No added preservatives or artificial flavorings. Recyclable packaging.