NPD in action: Skin health

Oct 2021

Skin health claims are on the rise in supplements, with an average annual growth of +52% (Global, CAGR 2018-2020). Skin health claims are also expanding to food and beverage product launches, with soft drinks and sports nutrition as top market categories. Claims often focus on creating healthy glowing skin, minimizing wrinkles and supporting collagen formation.


Halo Beauty Clear Glowing Skin Kiwi Seed Booster Dietary Supplement 30 Capsules (US). Dietary supplement minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, supports collagen and keratin production. Comes in 30 capsules, held in a plastic bottle. Supports collagen and keratin production. Supports clear and radiant complexion. Supports a natural moisture barrier for hydrated skin. Inhibits bacteria, balances PH and renews skin. Free from gluten, soy, sugar, cruelty. Suitable for vegans.