NPD in action: Performance nutraceuticals

Feb 2021

While performance nutraceuticals continue to address the professional needs of athletes, the sports nutrition space has expanded to a broader demographics, targeting everyone who needs active nutrition, including in the rising e-sports market. Hot topics include mental focus, digestive support, skin health and plant-based nutrition.


Muscleblaze bGreen Supergreens and Fruits Powder with Masala Flavour (India). bGreen’s supergreens comes packed with five powerful natural blends rich in phytonutrients along with 100 percent RDA of vitamins, iron and zinc that gives you your daily essentials in every scoop. These ingredients can help to detoxify, bridge the daily nutrients gap and aid in immunity improvement. Power of five natural blends: alkalizing greens, antioxidant blend, fiber blend, immunity blend and anti-inflammatory blend. Suitable for vegans. No artificial sweeteners. Soy -ree. Dairy-free. Gluten-free. Non-GMO ingredients. FSSAI certified.