NPD in action: Functional beverages

Feb 2020

As consumers seek new avenues for healthy living, manufacturers are turning toward functional beverages. From dairy-based to plant-based, drinks are being fortified with nutrients and minerals, such as vitamin D, fruit extracts and antibiotics, to help consumers improve on a daily basis. Functional and health waters will also play a part as people look to energize the hydration moment.


Baotic Baobab and Banana Superfruit Drink (UK). Baobab and banana superfruit drink with a fruity exotic zingy taste, in a 100 ml plastic doy pouch. Inspired by The Gambia, the smiling coast of Africa. Take care of your gut. Gut health. High vitamin C. High fiber. Vitamin C 30 percent, fiber 13 percent, energy 1.6 percent. Fiber supports a healthy digestive system. Dairy-free. Gluten-free. Low sugar. 100 percent natural. Suitable for vegans. Superfruit drink. Lightly pasteurized. 10 percent profit goes to community development in Africa.