NPD in action: Fiber inclusion

Mar 2019

Products featuring fiber are a growing market segment, especially as consumers become more aware of the relationship between fiber and health benefits such as a healthy digestive system and body weight. Added fiber and high/source of fiber claims are increasingly applied in food and beverages with a growth of 17 percent globally between 2014 and 2018, notes Innova Market Insights data. The categories seeing NPD action are also wide-ranging, from soda to yogurt and cereal.


Onedaymore Muesli for Body Shaping (Poland). Muesli with cherries and cinnamon, for body shaping. Comes in an 80g tray sealed plastic tray. Tastes great as a snack, with yogurt, milk or water. 40% exceptional additives, 60% grain base. High content of dietary fiber. Beta glucans help to maintain the proper level of cholesterol in the blood. Natural ingredients. No added sugar. No added salt.