NPD in action: Dairy for performance

Jun 2021

Manufacturers of dairy-based sports nutrition are continuously looking at ways to innovate their portfolio, including indulgence, convenience and added health benefits. Athletes and sports fanatics that enjoy matching their dietary patterns to their unique lifestyles can expect products that support digestive, skin and immune health, as well as aiding weight management and cognitive abilities.


Sobar Caramel Macchiato Protein Bar (US). Caramel macchiato protein bar made with Sobar’s next-gen natural sugar/allulose mix. Comes in a 44 g plastic packet. High-protein (12 g) bar with only 130 calories made with premium ingredients including spray-dried Colombian coffee and real caramel syrup. No sugar alcohols, stevia or artificial sweeteners. World Food innovation Award 2020 winner: Best Health or Wellness Food. Alco Hold Patent Pending. The snack designed for drinking.