NPD in action: Botanicals

Oct 2020

Supplements and Alcoholic Beverages are the fastest-growing global categories tracked with botanical ingredients (CAGR 2015-2019). In supplements, botanicals are generally applied for their health benefits, while drinks make use of them for their flavor and trendy image. Especially in the gin and tonic space, botanical blends give a more premium appeal.


Havana Club Verde: Green White Rum Infused with Botanicals (Germany). Green white rum infused with botanicals and citrus, in a 700 ml glass bottle. Its tasting notes is the smell of the reminiscent of fresh honey accomplished by lemon, thyme and grapefruit. This also unfolds freshly cut grass with notes of roasted coconut, mild green chilis and candied orange. The taste combines highly aromatic rum with tart notes of rosemary and vanilla as well as the freshness of grapefruit. A combination of slightly grassy notes and sweet spice. Contains 35 percent alcohol by volume.