NPD in action: Active senior life

Jun 2019

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of healthy aging and an active senior life. Prevention is key in this space and older consumers seek products that offer health benefits such as immunity and mobility, which may lead to a quality, independent senior lifestyle. 


Bali Sain Kerupuk Melinjo Spicy: Spicy Melinjo Chips (Indonesia). Spicy melinjo chips in a plastic packet, held in a carton box. Preservative Free. 100 percent natural. 8 Benefits of melinjo for the health of the body: 1. Boosts immune system, 2. Slows the aging process, 3. Skin nourishment, 4. Promote kidney health, 5. Aids cardiovascular health, 6. Prevent anemia, 7. Increase overall stamina, 8. Promote healthy vision.