NPD in action: Active senior life

Jun 2019

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of healthy aging and an active senior life. Prevention is key in this space and older consumers seek products that offer health benefits such as immunity and mobility, which may lead to a quality, independent senior lifestyle. 


Green Foods Organic and Raw Moringa Leaf Powder Mix (US). A complete plant protein with all 9 essential amino acids. Certified organic. Nourishes, fortifies, protects and detoxifies the body. GMO-free. Gluten-free. Suitable for vegans. Soy free. Contains a rare and unique combination of therapeutic phytonutrients. Rich in anti-aging and anti-inflammatory compounds. Helps improve and stabilize your mood. Maintains energy levels and fights fatigue. Aids in improving digestive health. Defends against free radicals. Supports brain health and cognitive functions. Promotes healthy glucose and cholesterol levels. Protects the liver against toxicity and damage. No added sugar. No salt. No colorings and fillers. Free from animal products. No wheat, yeast and corn. Boost energy. Lower blood pressure. Promote good quality sleep. Detoxify and eliminate bacteria. Support brain health and cognitive function. Balance mood and emotions. Support digestive health.