NPD in action: Pre- and probiotics

Feb 2020

While over one third of global food and beverage launches with probiotics and prebiotics tracked in 2019 were dairy products, innovation is expanding to more categories, such as snacks, confectionery and dairy alternatives. With consumers feeling more familiar with probiotics than prebiotics, according to an Innova Consumer Survey (2019), prebiotic claims are increasingly used in combination with probiotic claims.


Go Natural Lentil and Chickpea Probiotic Chips Barbecue Flavour (Australia). Lentil and chickpea chips with barbecue flavor, in a 100 g plastic packet. 17 g protein per pack. 1 billion probiotics per pack. 13.5 g fiber per pack. Gluten free. GMO free. Vegetarian. Egg free. Prebiotics. No preservatives. No artificial colors or sweeteners. Health star rating: 3. Nutritious and delicious with every crispy crunch.