NPD in action: Women’s health

Mar 2021

Women’s health is gaining ground within the dietary supplements market, with claims in this space witnessing an average annual growth of +17 percent (Global, CAGR 2016-2020). Beyond supplements targeting various women’s related health issues – like supporting breastfeeding and pregnancy, regulating the menstrual cycle and enhancing sexual health – products that support active women, featuring energy or immunity claims, are on trend.


B Life Women’s Multi+Dietary Supplement: 150 Capsules (Mexico). Women’s Multi+Dietary Supplement contains maca and collagen to support health and wellness. Comes in 150 capsules held in a plastic bottle. Supports health and wellness. Multivitamin for women based on maca, collagen, vitamin C and vitamins. Does not contain sugar, artificial colors, artificial flavorings or dairy products. Free from gluten and additives. Keto-friendly.