NPD in action: Nootropics

Apr 2021

Nootropics are gaining ground both within the dietary supplements market and in the overall food & beverage market, with specific “nootropic” claims witnessing an average annual growth of 62 percent (Global, CAGR 2016-2020). Other major claims revolve around memory, mental focus, alertness, clarity, performance, stamina as well as antistress, anxiolytic, comforting and soothing properties.


Alpine Start Immunity plus Focus Coffee with Benefits (US). Immunity plus focus coffee with benefits, in a 169.2 g resealable plastic pouch. Coffee with non-dairy creamer, adaptogens and nootropics. 1700 mg MCTs. 10 0mg reishi mushroom extract. 100 mg lion’s mane mushroom extract. Vitamin D and A. Non-GMO project verified. 1 percent for the planet.