Jun 2022

As consumers had to deal with uncertainties because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many decided to take personal health into their own hands. This includes seeking out products formulated with natural ingredients with known benefits such as adaptogens. Products with adaptogens are highlighting different benefits like soothing nerves, supporting quality sleep, brain health, concentration and boosting mood. Adaptogens are mostly found in supplements and sports nutrition, however they are also increasingly found in the soft drinks category (Global, 2017-2021).


Natural Wellbeing Adaptogenic Stress Relief Dietary Supplement, 120 Vegetarian Capsules (US) Adaptogenic stress relief dietary supplement supports healthy response to stress and fatigue. Comes in 120 vegetarian capsules, held in a resealable plastic standing pouch. Supports healthy response to stress and fatigue. Helps improve energy, supports nervous system to restore calm and balance, protects immune system to strengthen defenses, and promotes restful sleep. Organic herbs and medicinal mushrooms helps strengthen resilience to stress with ashwagandha and other powerful adaptogens. Free of gluten. Suitable for vegans. Non-GMO. Sustainable and recyclable packaging.