NPD in action: Infant Nutrition

May 2021

Infant nutrition continues to rise, with an average annual growth of +15 percent in baby & toddler product launches (Global, CAGR 2018-2020). Current and future trends happening in infant nutrition include products with digestive health claims, front-of-pack vitamin, mineral and protein claims, gluten-free claims, organically sourced ingredients and products containing human milk oligosaccharides as the hero ingredient.


Nestlé Organic Leek, Coral Lentils and Quinoa for Babies from 8 Months (Portugal). Two 190 g plastic tubs of organic leek, coral lentils and quinoa meal, for babies from 8 months. Held in a cardboard sleeve. 100 percent vegetable. Certified AB organic. No salt added. Preservative-free (in accordance with the regulations on baby food). Does not contain any ingredient of animal origin, to vary from complete dishes based on fish and meat. With a delicious flavor and homemade texture, this meal offers babies a protein source of vegetable origin, being a complete alternative, especially developed for babies. This is a microwaveable product.